A Healthy Ride to Wealth

No Pain, No Gain!

I started Affiliate Marketing not to get rich quick but to get rich forever.

I started this blog to help others do the same.

And here I am, trying to drive traffic and bringing leads to my mailing list via my newsletter.

If one ask me what has been the most difficult and challenging part of my journey up to now, I will answer without hesitation that it’s the part I’m in actually. That is, driving traffic to this blog is the most difficult task I’ve done.

It’s the most overwhelming also because of the time I’ve allocated for my business in regards to the activities I need to do while in this phase.

Obviously I need more time, or get better organized.

If you have tricks to stay focus and get the job done when it counts, please let me know in the comments below, because obviously I’m struggling at being organized. 😬

Between the day job, family time, and other mandatory aspects of life, time is missing somewhere unless I cut more of my sleeping hours but I did that already and I definitively can’t go below 6 hours of sleep per night. 😴

Regarding mandatory aspects of life, this week was a busy one.

I started the week by doing my annual tax reports (got 6 to do), and they aren’t yet completed at the time I’m writing this blog. I put the blog today as my priority because it was due yesterday, for what we call the “Saturday Share”.

The Saturday Share happens every week and is where we, partners from Internet Profits involved in the Beginner’s Advantage program, are reading each other blog posts and sharing comments. This is a mean of learning from each other and also getting some traffic to warm-up our blog site.

Also I’m keeping at least 30 minutes per day for physical activities and training.

At 55 years old now, I need this to maintain a mental and physical shape. It’s furthermore important for me since I’ve been physically active all my life, practicing many sports as well as being mostly involved in martial arts.

On Sundays I play softball inside a local team in my region. I like it for the benefit of having an outdoor activity, the fun of the game, and to do some social.😉

I’m a passionate in life, sometimes a bit intense I must admit.

Affiliate marketing is a passion I discovered recently and I love it. Excitement is always present at each step! When progression is made, the feeling of having met your objective, even as small, is worth the efforts.

These days, I feel this progression have slowed down a little, but I will work at re-establishing my cruise speed and, as always, I’ll let you know how I managed that.

Driving traffic and getting people to know you is not an easy task. I found it to be sometimes frustrating when I see those having often more followers than most of us, promoting and selling their “getting rich/ quick money” methods.

These kind of strategies are they really worth it? Are people really to this point attracted by making quick money that they can believe blindly these gurus even going at following them?

I find this a bit insulting for legit marketers who promote a real business, not that crap.

But where it sounds and look weird for me is when their accounts show only 3 to 5 videos, having just over 10 to 50 views, with over a thousands of followers…

I made some research to find out.

I learned that we can buy or rent an entire audience!! Yes, indeed! You can as well buy your email list!

I know you can legitimately get your followers from Instagram, for example, to follow you on TikTok. This is fair and good practice to let your followers know you have content on other platforms as well.

But buying followers…there is something there I don’t get.

As I understand it now, it’s part of a “getting rich quick” strategy.

Getting Rich Quick

With the knowledge I have now, I will never promote a getting rich quick pattern. This, even if I’m taking more time to get followers. Why?

Because I want my followers to know me, like me, and trust me and there is a way to do it right.

I want to establish a good relationship with my audience. This is how my business will become profitable, providing me with a sustainable income for years.

I want to promote products and services I believe to be the bests of this world.

I don’t believe that buying leads are going to give you a step ahead. Most of them are cold leads, they don’t know you, and are furthermore not interested by your topic.

I simply don’t believe in “getting rich quick”.

Getting rich quick is also too risky. It is a machine that is built on odds, speculation, and gambling, and has no proven plan to make it works for you.

This is not a viable process, at least, not for everyone. The quicker you think, the more risks you take. You have no control on it.

It’s like buying a lottery ticket, you could get rich quick,… or not. Cross your fingers…🤞

And in the very unlikely event where you get rich quick, will you have acquired the knowledge or be smart enough and disciplined to make the right investments to stay rich?

Another good example is cryptocurrency with all its derivatives, the most popular shiny object of the “getting rich quick” strategy.

Many people with almost zero knowledge in investments have jumped and still venture themselves into this pitfall.

As a results some indeed got huge, almost instant gains by speculating on crypto. However, this type of digital money is such a volatile and unpredictable asset that many of those lose everything as fast as saying “cheese”.

One day you’re rich, the day after you’re not.

This happens. And it makes people cry.

If you are an experimented investor who knows how to cope with risks than maybe crypto could have its potential.

But do you know what the investor will do? Read carefully, it worth a thousand.

The experimented investor that wants to lower the risk will incorporate crypto inside his existing broad-based portfolio and lower the amount invested between, let’s say, 5% to 10% of its total portfolio (I saw this in the Forbes advisor magazine: “Should You Invest In Crypto?”).

Notice that here, I’m talking about an experimented investor. There is a time notion in the word “Experimented”.

To get experimented, it needs time, again time where you try, fail, get up, fail, up again and learn. Also note that investment is only a small percentage of his assets.

Nothing to do with “quick” right?!!

You get quick money, you want more, you lose every cents. There lies the pitfall.

Gambling. That’s what it is.

There are places called Casinos that are good at making you believe you’ll get rich quick.

Of course there are people winning the jackpot, but there are also people getting out in socks because they lose their shoes, tie, and coat.

A stressful and intense journey it must be, than the one of being in the quick money business…

Getting Rich Forever

A viable process for me requires time.

There is a time to learn, a time to elaborate, a time to implement, a time for the process to give results, and finally, a time to collect.

Within this time frame, efforts are made, errors happen, but one thing is sure, progress is real.

“No Pain, no Gain!” like we say.

In this business, we have a goal, we have a WHY. We learn to have a strong mindset and to get the job done.

The process must be oiled and fine tuned, that is it requires maintenance (understand hard work and commitment).

Once the right settings are found, you can let it works for you or grow it to your next objective.

What I document here with this blog is my story along what I called “A Healthy Ride to Wealth”.

It’s all about a real business and you as a real entrepreneur that brings real solutions that solve real people’s problems.

By healthy I mean what I do here is good for your business, and for you to grow as an affiliate marketer.

Like taking a healthy ride in nature for example.

A ride in nature allows you to breath fresh air as you walk peacefully, or ride your bicycle, chasing away the stress and problems of your active life.

You go ahead, climbing hills sometimes, avoiding water ponds and those big rocks or tree branches along your way. You listen to the sound of nature around you, and focus on nothing else but your immediate environment.

All that you do there you know is good for you and your health. At the end of your ride, you enjoy your reward: a hot chocolate with some marshmallows on top of it.

This is how I see my journey.

Each step in the right direction is a step that brings me closer to my goal of being wealthy.

Since I started this ride 9 months ago, I found little treasures and nuggets that I didn’t even expected. The money is still ahead, but it looks now not much important as compared to what I have learned, all the challenges, and the work on myself this allowed me to do.

However, the ride is not finished yet. Follow-me, I’ll guide you. You too can benefit from this “healthy ride to wealth”.

The first big step you can make for yourself is to get this book: “The IcebergEffect” by Dean Holland. It is FREE, exception of some small shipping fees because the book is sent directly to you, at the address you provide once you fill your order.

For me, it was a game changer.

On this, enjoy your next ride and make it a sure path to wealth!



8 Responses to “No Pain, No Gain!”

  1. Eleanor Hope Avatar

    Hi Martin,

    so much goodness, don’t know where to start.

    time waits for no one so I will pass along a coach once told me.

    when you get up in the morning, don’t look at your phone and do the difficult tasks in the morning (few hours) when you have energy. then have breakfast.

    I’ve tried it and it works but am not consistent….

    Love that there is a time for this and that.

    Now we can breathe, which is awesome on your healthy ride to wealth.

    You got the balance right!

    I love the side benefits…. something happens that you least expect.

    what a bonus.

    You got this!

  2. Meredith Moore Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    I like how you outlined what good tactics are to use, and what are not good tactics out there. There are so many people getting fooled being told that you can “get rich quick,” and one of the ways to do it is to buy leads. Nothing that is worth having comes easy in life. That goes for an affiliate marketing business too. That’s why it’s so important to find a good mentor like we have, and make your goal to “get rich forever” Thank you for your post.

  3. Andy Jacobs Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    I agree. There are so many so-called experts on TikTok who boast about their incomes from various side-lines, including affiliate marketing, posting pictures of huge piles of money or screen shots of their supposed balance sheets. They are so full of sh!t. I have also come across quite a few that are alleged billionaires or who have recently won huge amounts in the lottery, who post videos of people they have randomly picked to receive handouts in the thousands from them. Scammers, the lot of them. It makes me sick.
    It’s good to know there are honest and trustworthy people out there like you and me.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      It’s frustrating to see that. I know. Like those who said they started affiliate marketing and are already making money after 3 weeks.
      What skills do they have time to learn and achieve in only 3 weeks? I tell you it’s the skills of bullshitting.


  4. Marc Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    We seem to share quite a few things – age and the wanting to keep in good physical shape are just a few of these.
    Like you, I definitely want to get rich forever – not quickly!
    One of the things that I’ve found helpful in regards to my time management was to write down what a typical week would look like – actually wrote down what I did during the day + evenings for 7 days.
    From there, I really saw how much time I was wasting doing things that didn’t bring me anything – reading stuff on the internet was a big one!
    Once I saw that, I was able to pretty much allocate the time I needed – at the time I wanted – to get things done: namely writing my blog, starting up my Tik Tok videos as my marketing means for my Affiliate Business, etc…
    It may be hard but you can do it! Just like the 6 income tax returns you’ve had to do. Hopefully, a couple of them have a “credit” line at the end of the return; that should put a smile on your face!
    Wishing you all the best!

  5. Alison Blaire Avatar

    Martin, your dedication to finding the right path and not falling for or promoting the get rich quick BS that a lot of people do, and understanding that true success comes with time and consistent work. Keep pushing forward, learning, and growing – that’s the real treasure of this journey! Can’t wait to see where your “healthy ride to wealth” leads next!

  6. Nakina Lawson Avatar

    Hi, Martin! Your distinction between getting rich quick and getting rich forever is much needed. It takes time to build a business. I’m glad you’re not neglecting your health while starting your business. I sure have, and I’m paying the price! I’m starting to be more active again; I’m taking the time out of my day to be active. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? LOL! Of course, I should take the time to be healthy. Hearing others say they’re doing the same is encouraging.
    Here’s to a marvelous week ahead!

  7. Alberto Avatar

    Hi Martin,

    I find this phase of the training difficult as well. Bringing traffic left me with a bad experience in the past when I tried to do affiliate marketing using another type of strategy. This is the phase of the training where I need to practice and get good. I have to admit that sometimes I get concerned that all my efforts will go to waste if I’m unable to make traffic work for me. I’m not giving up, though! We can do this.

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