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I Received a Slap on the Wrist!

Some weeks ago, I received a slap on the wrist by my coaches at InternetProfits.

Yep! I didn’t listen to what they taught me!

It’s a careless mistake, my first mistake… entirely my fault!

There are consequences to this I’m going to tell you.

Keep reading and take notes, so that you will not repeat the same errors I did.

I misbranded my business!

A word about expressions

Don’t take it literally though. No one hit me on the wrist. I’m just recalling an expression to emphasize that folks at InternetProfits pointed out some issues with my earlier blog version I had to fix.

The fact is there are some people that may have actually taken this sentence as if I really got hit on the wrist.

Depending on which culture they belongs to, their age, education, and other factors, people don’t express themselves the same way. Thus, this is reflected in the language as many different expressions.

I’m French-Canadian so obviously I don’t understand all the English expressions used by the majority of native English-speaking Canadians.

But there is more.

Branding Using allegories and metaphors

Let say I wish to tell you a story into which I want to describe an abstract idea that I want to make concrete for you.

I will use allegories.

The allegorical story, which often develops throughout a text or a speech, offers two possible readings: the story itself constituting a first degree, and the abstract realities revealed by the symbols, a second degree.

Even inside your own language, the second degree can cause confusion or misunderstanding, depending on the context, or your moods.

For example, I don’t always understand the language my wife is using when she tries to tell me it’s time to take the land mower out to cut the grass around the house. 🧐 I don’t always have the state of mind to “read between the lines”… or maybe… it’s just that I don’t want to? 😉

The fact that allegories can become expressions is nothing to help:

“Tired pushing up daysies? Follow the LittleMarketer and grow your business!”

-Martin Lefebvre 😬

When I first started this blog in June 2023, and other affiliate marketing activities, I did it under “theLittleMarketer” brand name. 

This was was my logo under “theLittleMarketer”

I thought this sounded cool, reflecting the concept of the countryside farmer earning a living from his land.

The analogy of a small vegetable stand on the side of the road, with car traffic passing by, was for me an obvious one to illustrates an affiliate marketing business.

I thought also about a logo representing a bucket full of vegetables, that is, the colorful and abundant harvest resulting from the hard labor and dedication of the farmer to his land during the warm days of summer. It was a metaphor that was supposed to illustrate the income resulting from the efforts I dedicate to my business.

However, I learned that what is obvious for me is not necessarily obvious for a majority of people. Many might have thought at first glance that I was actually selling vegetables.

So this was quite a big problem because branding is supposed to give a direction, a personality to a business, or at least something that will make customers remember and become familiar with the business and its products. If I make them remember a bucket of vegetables instead of the actual money they can earn, the concept is doomed to failure.

Because of the nature of the affiliate marketing industry, I don’t want my audience to match me with a vegetable. Clearly, it is not my end product.

This is how I was presenting my brand: a box of vegetables referring to the flourishing income resulting from the efforts I put in my affiliate marketing activities

They could most likely think about “thelittlemarketer” and then remember they have to prepare their grocery list for the week.

While there is nothing bad with branding, I learned that we must do it with care.

A good knowledge of the niche we are in and its potential customers is essential for the affiliate marketer.

Furthermore, when your niche evolves around the topic “how to make money online”, it could be a bit tricky to properly brand your business without falling in the “look like a scam” category.  

Simply said, branding may have a huge impact to the overall success of your business.

Brand your name

If you are a beginner, I learned that the preferred way to brand your business in affiliate marketing is to take your own name, or a fictive name, as your company name.

As a beginner, you may be brought to experience with many different things.

If, for some reason, there is a change in your business orientation, direction, or niche along the way, it will be easier to adapt to this change having your name as branding than something that represents too closely your old niche.

Your name appears to be neutral. With it, people will more easily associate the brand name with the real person: the guy who does money online with affiliate marketing.

Thus, branding your name is just another reason to, as always, stay professional and work with the best interests of your audience at heart. At the end, you don’t want to tarnish your name with a bad reputation right?

Since the aspects of relationship and trust are what drives people to your business, those people will eventually want to see you as their mentor, someone they will learn to trust, like, and follow.

In this sense, what sounds more familiar than the name of a real person?

So I closed the domain named “theLittleMarketer.com” and registered “martinlefebvreblog.com” as my new domain name, referring to my blog and identifying the business to my real name.

That’s it, simply.

It was better to do it now while almost nobody knows this site exists rather than doing it later in six months if the game is to change.

If you read this, there is a chance that my business have already got some traction since the moment I wrote these lines and that’s a good thing.

Disclaimer: the following text may have some misplaced or incorrectly used expressions. I put them in italic for better identification. I apologize for this. 😊

I chose the wrong tools!

Blogging on the wrong platform

I didn’t learn from one mistake.

The second mistake I did was that I didn’t take straight from the start the right tools for blogging. To make it short, I started my blog on the wrong platform.

I started my blog with Builderall’s Cheetah Builder, buying their basic package, which is good if you want to create great landing pages and other simple websites but for serious blogging, it is not ideal.

Again, I didn’t listen.

My strategy is blogging, I’m not paying for ads so I need more than a simple landing or opt-in page.

Because of the nature of blogging, I needed to have the tools that go together with blogging, in order to express my content and creativity without too much limitations.

Hence I invest my time organically: I was “theLittleMarketer” with plenty of vegetables remember? Organic…Vegetables… you got it?

Using the right tools

Here comes WordPress.

WordPress is to blog like a good quality cheese is to a good wine.

You may be able to build your website faster with a non-WordPress platform, but you will feel the limitations as soon as your blog will start to grow.

WordPress offers the possibility to install plugins to increase your available resources and tools. You have also a greater freedom to customize the appearance of all the objects you can use to construct your blog.

A full open, “Comments”, block section is one such example of an important blog component that can suffer from such limitations.

By default, the comment section I was stuck with in my Builderall’s blog application was closed to visitors. This means that they had to sign-in and login to the website in order to be able to leave a comment.

There are pros and cons to this, I mean, for closing (asking to sign in with a password) or opening your comment section.

If you already have fans and a large audience, you could limit spammy comments and save time moderating on past blog posts if you close your comment block.

If you are just starting your blog like I am, I would say it’s preferred to leave that door open.

Having the comment section closed by password is an extra-step to do for any guest who wants to leave a comment. Usually people facing this situation would just take the easy way out and decide to go away.

When trust isn’t there yet, not all people are willing to leave their email and sign-in to an unknown website. If you want to build a good relationship with your audience, you must first remove the barriers between you and them.

Builderall upgrade to WordPress?

Builderall offers the WordPress installation as part of an upgrade. Then why not just upgrade my account would you say ?

I can of course upgrade to have the WordPress installation as part of my Builderall package but the cost, for me, was just too expensive compared to most other WordPress site hosting providers.

You have what your pay for would you say?

Right but for my needs, the deal wasn’t there.

If I wanted more flexibility and less frustrations working on my blog, I needed to make a move.

Go for the change

I finally decided to change my website hosting for a new, cheaper hosting provider. This time on a full WordPress platform, I started over a brand new blog under a brand new name, …I mean, a new brand name 😁.

For me, this experience was like a big spill of my best morning coffee all over my work. However, I took the challenge and I clean up everything.

It took time and efforts, but now I got my blog like I wished it was,

and I’m proud of it!

Mistakes never come without consequences

I forgot something important

The above modifications I realized on and around my blog did not happen without some hurdles.

Changing the brand name for a new one, when nobody knows you, is relatively smooth. I’m glad I did it in the right time though.

Last October, when I changed my blog to build a new one on the servers of another hosting company, I was faced with several technical problems I had to solve.

First of all, I couldn’t migrate directly my old blog on the new servers. My old blog wasn’t built on a WordPress platform so I didn’t wanted to venture myself on a journey of site migration over two different kinds of platforms.

So I capitalized on the fact that I had to ride again the WordPress learning curve to build a new blog from scratch.

Since I have already some experience on the WordPress platform (see “How I Started Affiliate Marketing“), I thought it would be a no-brainer so I could do it fast.

Before closing my old website, I picked up some of my posts, refreshed them, and brought them inside my new blog keeping the original publication dates.

To this stage, everything went relatively well; its fair to say that the final results worth the candle.


While I was focusing solely on my blog, struggling with the details, I was forgetting something really important.

My email services, including mail automation, mailing list, forms, and several opt-in pages were still on the Builderall’s server systems!

Aaaargh!!! I didn’t see this one coming!

I have no mean actually to build a mailing list!

I started to panic a little bit…

When in panic, you don’t take the most glamorous decisions.

In order to keep things simple, I thought that the best way was to migrate everything on my new host servers…

Doing this would have allowed me to close my Builderall account and save money by having all my tools in one place.

So I took the bull by the horns and I worked at starting over my email system looking around for help while digging inside the different plugins for WordPress.

Desperately searching for email marketing solutions

My first attempts of finding a FREE package of email marketing tools that would include email automation services while offering the possibility to trigger an email sequence from an opt-in form, was of course, unsuccessful.

So I resigned to pay a small amount to have the tools I needed properly to build my email list.

I subscribed with a company that was offering a very nice email marketing platform with a very well-looking, user-friendly environment, for even cheaper than my actual installation at Builderall. Fantastic!

I thought I was out of the woods.

😒Not yet!

I learned that you should never put the horse before the cart… huhh…. I mean the cart before the horse!

Indeed. Some minutes after I registered with the email marketing company I received another slap… right at the face this time:

That is, I was banned almost immediately after having registered. They said that their policy now excludes affiliate marketing, and related activities, because of the higher risk for SPAM.

OK I said. No panic again. Don’t take it personally they said.

I tried another company… Same results!??

I was banned because I’m an affiliate marketer??!

What the heck???! 😲 I even didn’t have time to do something wrong!

UNFAIR!!! Something is going on for sure!

In order to keep my email automation system list intact, I finally decided to leave that service in my Builderall account. I learned also that Builderall has a plugin form, very limited by default, but it works well to link my opt-in form embedded in my WordPress blog to my email account in Builderall.

Now it remains for me to prepare a new download page and to connect to it. I would have liked to find a way to re-use the ones that were created by InternetProfits in Builderall but I couldn’t.

I realized that WordPress has its limitations too.

Unless you pay for good plugins, Builderall is far better when it ‘s time to produce quick standalone pages and forms of all kinds.

Hence I was stuck again with the system limitations on one side, and the new email marketing company’s policies that appear on the horizon.

What I was supposed to do then? No mailing list and no solution yet to build one.😕

A wind of changes

Things changes and you have to adapt to it. On my side, the wind of change is blowing hard.

Soon, another opportunity was being presented to me. All those hurdles are going to get down with this one big solution.

Time is coming now where I can say:

RIDDIKULUS! (see Harry Potter)

to all those issues that came to haunt me.

The 2nd of December Dean Holland invited the IP partner’s community to a huge presentation I had a chance to assist.

I was flabbergasted! This new approach is supposed to solve all the problems I’m experiencing!

A coincidence? …or rather the natural flow of people experiencing the same things at the same time from an evolving market?

Nevertheless I was presented a solution that has the power to change the life of all beginners in affiliate marketing.

Something so big that I can’t tell you right now. I’m not allowed to.

Wait until January 2024.

Success has never been so close, and I’ll be there at the forefront ready to tell this story.

For you.

On this, I wish you all great holidays and may you meet with success in 2024!

See you there!


Ho! Before I forget, please leave me some comments below. Have you ever started a blog? Did you make mistakes? How did you manage that? I look forward to read from you.



32 Responses to “I Received a Slap on the Wrist!”

  1. tony simms Avatar

    Oh wow, you have had some experiences.

    I agree that your first logo did not provide the right image. Thanks for making that point. Logos are such a subjective subject, and there have been some fantastic logo failures that send entirely the wrong message!

    And yes, getting the right platform and tools can be a challenge, especially on a budget. So thanks for being so open about your experiences.

    I look forward to reading more.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Tony! I’m learning. Taking the right decision the first time could be in itself a real challenge.

  2. CJ Avatar

    We all make mistakes and get our hands slapped. The most important thing is that we learn from them and teach others so they don’t have to go through the same mistakes.

    From your blog post it look like you learned some new things that have helped you move forward. That means even through we make mistakes, we can continue to grow and move closer to our goals.

    Good post.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Well understanding! Don’t fear your mistakes, they will make you a better you.:)

  3. Denny Medeiros Avatar

    Wow, that’s a lot of important lessons learned and changes made. by the sounds of it you are confident you are now better situated. It encourages me to be diligent to keep my brand and messaging consistent. Thank you! Look forward to future posts!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Yes indeed! Now I’m confident to be in a much better position. I have a tendency to focus too much on details.
      All we need to do is to follow the proven plan.

  4. Alison Blaire Avatar

    Wow, you have been through quite the journey! Learned a lot from hearing about all your slap-on-the-wrists moments; I appreciate you sharing so others can learn from your mistakes; it’s inspiring to see your perseverance despite all the obstacles faced! Look forward to your next blog post!!!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Alison. When you do something by passion, everything looks fun, and its much easier to accept and benefit from your mistakes. Mistakes have the power to propel yourself in such unknown and weird territories sometimes that, looking back, you realize how much of a journey it was! In these moments you start having a great feeling of satisfaction. Instead of feeling tired, all batteries down, you got a new boost of energy to pursue on your plan.

  5. Michael Avatar

    Great lessons here! Yes, I suffer from allegory-speak as well, which can drive my wife nuts at times, as she is a very clear communicator. But I love nuance and pictorial language. So, I have to constantly ask myself, “Is this clear to the speaker/listener?” as I am writing or teaching.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Michael! What’s obvious for me is not necessarily obvious from someone else. Where someone sees an icecream cone in a cloud, another one sees an UFO. See, the first one is hungry and the second one smokes too much. This is a great lesson learned. 😁

  6. David Roper Avatar

    Great post as I can relate to a lot of your content. The struggles that we face, when we first start a business, are REAL. So many times we don’t look ahead at possibilities that someone that we are trying to help, may even take what we say the wrong way… I’m sure I have missed this several times along the way, even in my emails. As my Harper Grace would say, “Little things matter”, Glad you were able to work out most of the trouble spots… Wish you the best!


    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi David, Thank you for your comment. These trouble spots are things from the past now. I got my all-in-one solution. 😉

  7. Alan Lim Avatar

    As the saying goes, “Fail your way to success.”

    Every mistake you make is going to move you one step nearer to your goal, as long as you don’t give up and keep moving forward.

    So congratulations for making and overcoming these mistakes 🙂

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      As long as you commit on your proven plan for the uncommon period of time! Thank you Alan.

  8. Karen Elissabeth Avatar

    Hey Martin, Great post with valuable information, thank you 😊
    I can see you have worked your way through the mistakes you made, well done! No one likes to make mistakes as such but sometimes it is only through making them that we learn a better way going forward. It all adds to our experience. I look forward to reading your future posts and watching your progress!


    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Karen! Often mistakes are simply wrong decisions, or things that you should have done better. When this happens, you have no choice than to deal with the decisions you took. But somewhere, like you said, you gain experience and finally this worth the journey.

  9. Ezequiel Avatar

    Hello Martin,

    The way you illustrated the idea of your business and how you managed the language to convey that, even while doing the right thing, you were promoting a different product than what you really wanted to showcase, is commendable. Congratulations on sharing this perspective, and kudos on your blog – it’s truly inspiring. I wish you all the best in the development of your business.

    Best regards,
    Ezequiel Wells

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you so much Ezequiel! I appreciate your comment and wishes.

  10. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Martin, great post highlighting what we all get sometimes, a slap on the wrist. What is really great is that you realised and made changes and kept going. That is the key, each setback is just another opportunity to learn and then teach others. Many thanks for the advice and I look forward to reading more. All the best. Atif

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Atif! Indeed, if I didn’t realized and corrected in time my mistakes, I would have postponed my success back over the horizon again. Now thanks to my coaches, I’m on the pathway again.

  11. Sandy Avatar

    Hello Martin,

    Wow… That was a very interesting read. I’m just starting out, baby steps here. But I’m taking in a lot of what you wrote. I know I will have the good, bad and the ugly issues as well. But we have to take it as a learning curve. I look forward to reading your next post.


    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Sandy! And never be afraid to take that learning curve! It’s worth the challenge!
      Best regards,

  12. Tom Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    Looks like you’ve learned a lot in a short time. I think you should be happy that your mentors are checking and you can quickly rectify your mistakes.
    I love WordPress, it is so flexible, easy to use and gives plenty of opportunities.
    I also like to have all the tools in one place as this is better for workflow coordination.
    And with new changes regarding emailing, there will be more red tape around email marketing activities.
    But as we are in the good hands of our mentors, we should be fine or maybe even ahead of the game.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Tom! I appreciate your comment. Email marketing is evolving. The goal is to be ahead and stay ahead!

  13. Robert Klein Avatar

    Aren’t you “Le Petit Prince” of a LittleMarketer. Allegory abounds in that story.

    I do agree that naming convention is important – but my first time around I did not trust people could find me among the sea of Robert Kleins in this world.

    But I recently found that I can easily distinguish myself from the others. Hindsight shows me a better domain name would have been RobertKleinAffiliate.com because those three words place me at the top of a Google search.

    Back a couple of years, naming convention caught me off-guard. I thought top-of-your-game.com was a great domain name for a series of landing pages I was using in an affiliate marketing health-care niche. How wrong was that? The search engines were constantly placing my site among gaming sites – and I couldn’t shake it.

    So way to go bon homme! I look forward to where the Martin Lefebvre Blog will take you.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Interesting comment Robert. Naming convention can be tricky sometimes. In my case, searching for “Martin Lefebvre Blog” or “Martin Lefebvre Affiliate” brings me on top of the list where “theLittleMarketer.com” has never been. So I guess I’m safe this time. Talking about “Le petit prince”, I wrote an answer about trust in Quora bringing in the “fox” allegory, see it here. 😁 Thank you!

  14. Andy Jacobs Avatar

    You really have come a long way in a short time. Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving us guidance in what not to do. Changing what you have done will no doubt propel you onto bigger and better things.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Andy! I wish you a successful happy new year 2024!

  15. Marc Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    So many things that can go wrong… and right!!!
    Being able to work through these many challenges is a big plus for your success; always looking forward with solutions is definitely the way to go!
    Wishing you all the best in 2024!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Merci Marc! Happy new year 2024 and may you reach your goals to success this year!

  16. Albert Avatar

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. After reading your post I realized I did choose my name as part of my branding ‘Market Albert”. But I’m wondering if a different word instead of “Market” would have been best?

    Happy New Year

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Albert! As long as you were crystal clear when your planted your flag, everything is fine! 😊

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