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Will I Reach My Goal?

Imagine a river.  

You are on one side of the river and your goal, your dream life, is on the other side.  

At first you think you could get there on a single big jump step, but there's a risk that you simply fall short in the river.  

So you look elsewhere trying to find a solution and you see a path made of small stones regularly spaced along the width of the river.  Someone apparently faced the same problem and went on to build this path.  

Wonderful.  So you go, step-by-step, struggling with your balance on the first stones, to finally get in agility and confidence, and reach the other side.  

Your dream life is there, waiting for you. 

Go for the milestones

What is the amount of money you need for you to be wealthy? 

Different people would have different notions of being rich.  For some people, this would be to quit their job, others want enough money to pay for their basic needs, others want the big things, with a dream house near the sea shore.  

Whatever is your goal, I want you to visualize it.  Think of it seriously, see it, feel it.  After all, this is your dream life, everything is allowed, don't be shy.  

Now that you know what you want, estimate how much money per month you need as a sustainable income to get that.  Divide this number in many smaller but reachable goals you want your business to generate, starting with your first dollar in commission.  Like the stones on the river, each step must become a small victory for you, another occasion to celebrate.  

Each step must bring you closer to your final destination. 

As an example, here is how I divided my pathway to my goal:

1- Complete a training in affiliate marketing [hint: I searched for a program I know had a good reputation, included mentorship, and targeted beginners. Once I found it, I subscribed to it and started my training];
2- Start my own business/ Install the backbone of the business online;
3- Obtain my first dollar in commission;
4- Achieve 100$ (3-figure) per month in commissions;
5- Grow to 1K$ (4-figure) per month in commissions.
I consider each steps has a milestone.  Between each steps there are actions I need to perform that will make me move to the next milestone. These actions are part of the overall plan that was built based on my strategy.  

Furthermore, how I succeed to reach one milestone will dictate how I will start the next one, that is, the results of one project dictate the inputs, adjustments, and new actions to plan for the second one.  

Each time I go from one step to another higher step, I do it at the expense of time, efforts, and commitment.  This is like climbing the staircase of a multiple floor building.  There is an effort to do to go from one floor level to the next one. If one gets too tired to climb more stairs, then no progress is made.  That person will stay at its actual floor level until an effort is made to generate a progression to a higher level. 

The importance of having a plan

Even if you know your milestones, if you don't have a plan to make it through, you are at risk.  

You may have a good strategy but if you have no idea of how you will implement it, you increase the time between your milestones and you put your business at risk.  

The plan is like a roadmap. Everything is fine and you will never get lost if you know what streets you have to take to go from A to B, provided you don't become distracted and deviate from your road plan.

I'm actually going to complete my second milestone. This means I'm in the process of correctly implementing or installing the backbone of my business, having still several actions to complete.   

To do so, and since I chose to develop my business around a strategy based on organic means like a blog, I must learn the best way to build my website, correctly establish all the elements, like the banners, lead magnet, ensuring also that all the links are working properly, etc.  Don't be surprised if you see this website changing frequently for the time I found the right adjustments. 

In order to have people visiting my website, I need to promote my blog and tell people where to find the website.  To do this, I use forums and social media. I must assume a presence on these platforms as often as I can to make myself known and build a relationship with people.  

This is really what I call the ground work.  

I create accounts, write content, and try to attract a maximum of followers.  This work, away from my blog, is really important and necessitate patience and commitment.  With this work, I am building the bridges that will bring leads to my website, and mailing list.  Those bridges are also and important part of the backbone of my business. 

The plan gives an answer to the question of HOW I will do it. 

That is what are the actions I need to do, to reach the next milestone.  It's like writing a TODO list and ensuring all the actions required by your strategy were performed. 

A good plan will make you work less because you are doing your tasks more efficiently.  The more efficient you get at performing your tasks, the sooner you will get to your milestone, with less efforts and investments.  Here is an example of the plan I follow to reach my second milestone:
Strategy: Blogging
ToDo List For Milestone 2
  • Find a domain name for my blog;
  • Buy WordPress hosting for a website;
  • Build and structure the website;
  • Choose offers;
  • Write a “My Story” section;
  • Write a “Contact” section;
  • Write Legal Information;
  • Write at least 10 posts;
  • Find a gift and build my lead magnet optin page;
  • Build a download optin page;
  • Find a provider of email marketing tools and install an automated sequencer;
  • Write a sequence of emails for my mailing list;
  • Open a Facebook account, build a Facebook page, start posting;
  • Open a Quora account and start answering questions related to affiliate marketing;
You see that there are many things to do before getting ready to perform the tasks that will get me to my next milestone: my first dollar in commission. There you see the importance of following a plan.  That way you put in place all the elements required without forgetting anything while avoiding procrastination or ending-up doing things that are not necessary.   

Find mentorship

Doing the tasks on your plan could be a lot much fun when you are inside a program that teaches you to do all that while giving the motivation to pursue through.  

This is what I found with Internet Profits ltd.  

When I registered, I first received a good training about affiliate marketing and how to do my tasks efficiently.  

The plan I follow has been proven by others so I have only me to blame if it goes not the way I want.  

As part of my program, I receive daily coaching.  Daily coaching is really helpful when you get stuck on something.  The coach or mentor shows me the right path to follow and motivates me toward the accomplishment of my next milestone.
The mentor did the journey before you (he installed the stones across the river) so he/she is the right person to look over your shoulder for things you do wrong in order to get you back on the track. The mentor is both a good teacher and a motivator.

Since I have almost reached the second milestone, my next goal will be to get my first dollar in commission.  OK this is maybe not a dream life goal, but at least a start that worth celebrating! Eventually when I reach this point, I will know much clearly what to do to upscale this to reach the next milestone, that is, a 3-figure income per months.  For me, these are realistic goals.  

After? Sky is the limit. 

Becoming rich is not impossible. It is clearly possible. 

It is a pathway, where the most gratifying moments are not at the destination, but in the journey.

Now tell me,

have you ever tried affiliate marketing before, figuring how it works and what to do all by yourself? 

How was it? Difficult, overwhelming? 

What would stop you from having mentorship? 

Please let me know by leaving your comments in the corresponding section below.

Have a good day.



12 Responses to “Will I Reach My Goal?”

  1. Alison Blaire Avatar

    Martin, I have to admit I am one of those people who try to get across the river with as few stepping stones as possible. I have learned through this journey of affiliate marketing that it is critical to take small steps and spend some time at each step along the path. This journey has not only been about following a proven path but also confronting self-sabotaging behaviors along the way, and that is why, I 100% agree that it is critical to have a mentor to help you along the way. Definitely could not have done any of this without a mentor and a community of people for support and accountability!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Absolutely! Doing is part of the learning lesson! However, often our emotions take over in our eagerness to make the milestones. Inevitably, we skip a stone or two only to realize we need to return back at where we failed the first time. Having a mentor is the best decision I made.

  2. Alan Lim Avatar

    Wow, what a fantastic article. Who would have thought that there are 14 to do list just for milestone 2. Thank you for breaking it down so clearly.

    It helps people to set the right expectation before starting their online business. I hope you will reach your next milestone soon. All the best!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Alan,
      I have almost reached milestone 2. I consider this milestone a bit technical because it establishes the business online. Like a conventional commerce where you need to find a local, pay the rent, then populate the place with your products, we need this to be done meticulously the right way before we can open the doors wide open to let leads come in.
      Thank you!

  3. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Martin, I think I’m trying to cross the same river you are LOL. You’re absolutely right we are trying to do something that’s just across the river. However it’s different now having a mentor and not only are all the stepping stones in the water, they’re in the right order and somebody’s going to hold your hand while you cross over with them. Once you’re on the other side, you’ll be able to help others come over to your side of the river. Not only that you’ll be able to build a boat or a bridge to make it easy for 100s of people to come over the river and that’s it, you building your business you’re building bridges and boats from the stepping stones your mentor put down. It’s great to see your plan and it all makes logical sense. You’ve achieved a lot and you should be proud of yourself. I too started on Quora last year, And now I’m starting back on it as my primary source of traffic. Keep going all the best thanks, Aunty

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Atif! I look forward for that boat! It’s gonna be a yacht! Good luck on Quora. I guess we will meet there somewhere between to questions.
      Kind regards,

  4. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    I love the look of your opt-in! The road to an online business is ours if we do it correctly, with a plan and a purpose! The steps outlined here should be encouraging (not discouraging!) Each step along the way should be embraced and enjoyed!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      You are absolutely right Kate! Each step should be embraced and enjoyed! It’s really a passion where every completed steps make us proud.

  5. Denny Medeiros Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    I really enjoyed your post! It is laid out so well and so easy to follow the steps.
    Goal setting and action planning can be quite complicated.
    However, the way you explained your goal and plans simplified things.
    Here’s to crossing rivers!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Denny,
      It is important that our final goal must not be our only goal. We need several smaller, realistic, and achievable goals to bring us there. Often the reach of one goal will dictate how you will get to the other. For this reason it is easier to have a mentor that will help put everything in place for you to go. All you have to do is to follow the proven plan.
      Kind regards,

  6. Sherri S Pulcino Avatar

    Absolutely, taking steps is the way to reach our ultimate destination. It’s surprising how many steps there are, each with its own milestone, and having a plan for each is key to achieving success. Best of luck, and I’m excited to track your journey to success!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Yes there are many steps to go, all with their own challenges. That’s why I like to say that on this pathway, the most important is not the final goal but the journey! Express your passion and have fun with it.

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