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It’s Earth’s Day!- Let’s Talk About Global Warming

This week started on Monday April 22 with Earth’s day.

Earth’s Day is an annual event that unites people worldwide to increase awareness and address environmental issues like global warming and renewable energy.

It provides a platform for citizens and activists to come together and take meaningful action towards protecting the planet.

Do you believe what they say about global warming?

Throughout history, Earth’s temperature has typically changed gradually over hundreds of thousands of years.

However, the current trend of warming is occurring at a much faster rate than ever before.

I took this information, in the National Geographic article called: “Greenhouse Effect”.

The article says also that this rapid increase in temperature cannot be solely attributed to natural cycles of warming and cooling; human activities play a significant role in this phenomenon.

Scientists are concerned that the pace of climate change may outpace the ability of certain species to adapt to these changes.

Interesting! And also concerning…

Depending on our perspective, I agree that it’s hard to believe.

You see, this week we had day temperatures just turning +1ºC. We even had snow Wednesday afternoon.

Days like that, especially for end of April, are quite under the seasonal averages for my region. So it’s difficult to tell, based solely on local observations, if there is truly a warming phenomenon.

In fact, you need to adopt a larger perspective and consider temperature changes globally and over a long period of time. Also you must observe the impact of climate changes over the environment. Only there you will realize how alarming it is.

This job is under the responsibility of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a committee established in 1988 that includes a thousands of scientists (meteorologists, geographers, climatologists, and other scientists from around the world) who review the most up-to-date research available related to global warming and climate change.

According to the IPCC and their computer simulations, it is projected that greenhouse gas emissions will persist in rising in the coming decades. This is anticipated to lead to an average global temperature increase of approximately 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade. Even in the scenario where greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions are reduced to their 2000 levels, a warming of around 0.1 degree Celsius (0.18 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade can still be expected.

There is always a cost associated to risk.

“Climate change will affect Earth’s ecosystems and people negatively in many ways, including.

  • The world food production will decrease increasing the risk of hunger and malnutrition as the world population will continue to grow.
  • Water shortages will become more common (lack of freshwater is already a major problem in many places around the globe).
  • Loss of biodiversity and habitat destruction including more wildfires.
  • Rising sea levels will require massive investments in infrastructure.”
The World Counts- Impact Through Awareness

Extreme weather events, exacerbated by climate change, have the potential to significantly disrupt international supply chains, markets, finance, and trade. This disruption may lead to a decrease in the availability of goods, resulting in increased prices for consumers.

Additionally, exports may suffer as markets are damaged by these weather-related challenges.

This article from the Canadian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) says that the costs of climate change impacts have been rising in my country since 1983, from an average of about $0.4 billion to $1.9 billion annually.

While wildfires being the top threat for Canada, fishing industries are also affected by the increase in the sea level.

Before things get better there is a cost increase in actual money per inhabitant associated with global warming. My research can’t tell actually what it is or what it will be but for now, If I’m complaining about the cost of the grocery cart, I’m pretty much convinced it’s not going to drop anytime soon.

I don’t know for you, but for me these warnings justify my Affiliate Marketing business and the investments I do into it.

Well this is almost adding to my WHY because I know my children are at risk to suffer from all those global warming threats. They will need financial support.

I would like to teach them how they could be their own boss and give them the tools to benefit from being an entrepreneur.

I want their financial comfort and that they could enjoy their life.

I want to teach them to be respectful of what they have and construct their business on values that will be respectful for the environment.

It’s a fact that we live on the same spaceship and together we are all concerned by protecting it from the adversity of our bad habits and doubtful activities.

Respecting the planet it’s respecting our environment. It’s the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

However, we can’t give what we don’t have.

We should start by respecting ourselves first before we give to others and the planet.

It’s all up to us as human beings to take action now and find solutions. The warning is it loud enough to be heard?

I’m optimistic and I want to believe we will have a better future than what those reports are predicting. The fact is we can no longer stay blind about these facts.

Voilà! This was my two cents for Earth’s Day.

Hope you enjoyed and please, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What’s your opinion on global warming? Did you do something special for the environment on Earth’s Day?

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Have a good day!





14 Responses to “It’s Earth’s Day!- Let’s Talk About Global Warming”

  1. Eleanor Hope Avatar


    I do appreciate this blog as I find many people seem to not take this issue seriously and say that we are creating mountains from molehills. (that’s what a friend recently said to me).

    I think that somehow we need to incorporate this study of our planet/universe from an early age to protect our home.

    I agree that the cost of living will continue to rise and I think therefore less will be spent in this area.

    I like your connecting your WHY to affiliate marketing but recognise the concern you have for your children’s future, our future.

    I can see what you want to teach your children as lessons, create as a course, and teach it in their schools and as a product because these are the key lessons if we want a brighter future for humanity. (I would purchase for sure)

    Thank you for being you and sharing these important lessons.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      I like your expression “mountains with molehills”, because I used to have a lot of those in my backyard.😄 Sometimes they were so much protruding and annoying that yes, they looked like mountains! 😊
      Regarding educating our children, I agree with you, that is the key.
      Thank you Eleanor.

  2. Vanessa Lea Avatar

    Hey Martin, Great post about Global Warming and its effects on our earth. I’m worried about the future of my grandkids as this issue seems to be getting worse as time goes on. The only thing I can do is do my part and hope that our scientists can provide solutions that can be implemented in time to preserve what we have left. It’s a little scary to know that we, as humans, have literally destroyed our home, and most think nothing of it. Things need to change, and soon. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of others, as it serves as a reminder once again that we need to work harder to turn back the clock and allow our earth to heal.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Vanessa, It is like I said to Atif above, let the scientists do their job of finding solutions, and let educate our children about the importance of respecting the nature and the environment. I think it’s a question of education, and with time, I hope, we are going to become better at protecting our planet. Now we are in a phase of awareness. But our children are going to be much more concerned about this and they will act in consequence because we will have given to them values of respect.


  3. CJ Avatar


    I don’t know about global warming, but I do know that it’s each persons responsibility to respect and care for what we’ve been given. We are stewards over this earth and are expected to be good one’s at that.

    An affiliate business is very similar. It is a gift that we are to be good stewards over and use to help change the lives of others.

    Unfortunately in both cases people abuse them for their own personal gain.

    May we all strive to be the stewards that we ought to be.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Indeed. The notion of respect is valid for our environment and the planet, and by analogy, it applies as well to the Affiliate Marketing business. Respect your audience and they will follow you for years to come. Abuse and it’s the health of your business that will suffer.
      Good point.

  4. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Hi Martin, thanks for sharing your thoughts on global warming and its impact on our lives and the planet. It’s clear you’ve done your research and are deeply concerned about the future, especially for your children. Your commitment to teaching them entrepreneurial skills and instilling values of respect for the environment is admirable.

    You’re right that we all need to take action now to address climate change and find solutions. It’s encouraging to see your optimism and determination to make a difference. I appreciate your reminder that respecting the planet starts with respecting ourselves.

    Keep up the great work with your affiliate marketing business, and I hope more people join in the effort to protect our planet. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon, thanks, Atif

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      You have it all right Atif. It relies to scientists to find solutions and to us to educate our children with values of respect, like respecting ourself, others whatever their culture, and the environment.


  5. Sherri Pulcino Avatar

    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Global Warming as I don’t think that issue is brought up enough. We need to take action and address the climate change, and we need to take care of Mother Earth to save her for our children.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Indeed. We all live on the same spaceship like I said in the post. Astronauts that get out of the upper atmosphere to see the earth’s curvature for the first time are all impacted emotionally by this fact. This planet is so small and so beautiful that it’s no longer an option, we must do something. I’m not that concerned about the planet itself because if humans disappear, the planet will still live, heal, and develop life, but more about humans’ health and quality of life in the future.

  6. Meredith Moore Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    Great post on global warming. We do need to do better at taking care of our surroundings here on earth. It’s scarry how things are changing so drastic lately with all the freak weather changes we have have had over the years. Hopefully things will get better soon with it. 😊 Thanks!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      We need to take action before it starts to affect our living, health and also… our wallet too much.

  7. Lauren Millman Avatar

    So this might be a little off-topic, but your blog sparked me to think of this: back during the Pandemic, I was running my private practice, my brick-and-mortar physical business. Although the pandemic wasn’t the reason for why I closed my practice 2 years later, what it did show me is how much the “climate” of our society can change, and be out of our control. When your business is providing your livelihood to your family, that’s a very scary thing. So to your point with your post.. the reason why I’m doing affiliate marketing is because the world is so unpredictable, I want to be more in charge of my finances and business. So again, I know this may be a little off topic from your message here, but this is what I took from it. I appreciate you sharing this, what a great read!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Lauren! You saw something in there that I didn’t think when I wrote the post and I regret not having posted a paragraph about this, because it’s so true!
      All my livelihood actually depends on others. A change in the climate of the society could be so scary indeed! What if weather was to change so fast, and become so out of control, that it gives rise to a horde of Zombies? I think I have a good subject to exploit in a TikTok video. 🤔😁

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