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Ghosts Helped Me Find My WHY

Last Sunday was mother’s day.

For the occasion I made the road-trip late on Friday from Rigaud (a small village near half-way between Ottawa and Montreal) to Quebec city, to visit my mother.

The plan was to make a stop at my brother’s home near Quebec, watch the end of the NHL playoff game opposing the Washington Capitals against the Edmonton Oilers, and wait until the next day to have a breakfast together with our mum, having now a respectable 84, getting her to a restaurant she likes.

I don’t know if mother’s day as something to do with it but nature that night gave us a wonderful, yet uncommon, phenomenon called aurora borealis.

I have seen many aurora borealis in the past but this one was outstanding.

When I received a text message from my son urging me to go outside and take a look at the night sky, I had to leave my cozy place on the couch from which I was passionately following the hockey game. I wasn’t necessarily in the mood to get myself outside, in the cold, to stare at the sky. But nevertheless, I did.

What I saw was astonishing..😲

The sky was illuminated with some strange greenish clouds forming long banners from which rays, like if they were made of sunlight, were falling down, illuminating the dark night sky.

I was literally in awe.

I took my cell phone from my pocket and manage to take some picture shots. I was really excited by the moment and wanted to share these with you.

The pictures below are the ones I took from my Pixel6 phone. Obviously they have nothing to do with the professional ones I saw thereafter but nonetheless, they give the idea.

After this moment of exaltation we got back in front of the television for the hockey game.

Like me, my brother likes TV sports, and retro video games so when we meet together, it’s usually our preferred conversation themes.

This time however, the conversation turned over the mysteries of the unknown, likely influenced by the event we just witnessed.

Since my father died at a young age in 1993, my brother has been delving into the paranormal stuff you know, reading books, and searching online about life after death. I think it’s a mean he found to be reassured; he wants to believe… like most of us. He’s in search for answers.

That night, he was particularly intense about the subject. I think the fact that we were going to get to our mum’s residence tomorrow was a bit exacerbating his passion.

This is especially true since our mother has experienced strange, even paranormal, phenomenons in the last 5 years and these crazy ghost stories she told were experienced within her last two apartments in the days she moved in (note the two apartments are on the same street and the buildings were constructed on an old swamp).

Together we believe her mind was being shadowed by something… something strange that up to now, despite all our efforts, we simply can’t understand…

Let me tell you about some of those unbelievable stories she told and experienced, and by the rebound, we have experienced too.

Prepare to be scared….😱

Hope you are not reading this before going to bed, otherwise you will find your night longer than usual, and the creepy noises you hear in the dark will all become… AMPLIFIED!

It’s important that you freeze, don’t even move your toes, and the beast might want to ignore you and stay in the closet or under your bed.

Now that you are warned enough, let’s start with the first story.

Romeo “aka the ghost” and Juliet

As the spring season neared its end, the evenings remained chilly yet promising of warmth.

The sun was slowly descending when a chilling event unfolded. My mother resided on the third floor of a grand apartment building, where she was unwinding and preparing for the night ahead.

Seeking solace, she stepped out onto her balcony for a breath of fresh air…

Suddenly, her gaze was drawn to a peculiar figure below. A man stood motionless, fixated on her with an intense stare.

Alarmed, she hurried back inside and secured the patio doors.

My mum reported having found this situation a bit embarrassing and strange at the time, but since she lives at the third floor, there was nothing to scare about.

She closed the curtains and went to sleep.

The next day, at the same twilight hour, the mysterious man reappeared in the exact spot. His unwavering gaze and silent murmurs of her name sent shivers down her spine.

In a state of panic, she retreated indoors once more, drawing the curtains tightly shut.

After a moment of hesitation, she cautiously peeked outside, only to find the man had vanished into the night.

The next morning she called me to relate her experience. From my perspective, I told her it was maybe just the janitor working around the building and the rest was probably amplified by her natural colorful imagination.

But my simplistic and rational explanation wasn’t convincing enough. The unsettling encounter lingered in her mind, casting a shadow of fear over her peaceful abode.

A drone or… not a drone

Clearly I wasn’t prepared to what happened next.

After a few days from her creepy experience with the starring stranger, my mother called in the morning to tell the following incredible story.

In the dead of night, my mother was jolted awake by an eerie and intense light seeping through the window of her bedroom.

The light danced on the walls, casting ominous shadows that seemed to slither across the room.

As she sat frozen in her bed, a haunting image materialized on the wall, as if it was being projected before her very eyes. It was a picture of her own face, but younger and distorted in a way that shocked her.

She rose from her bed, her heart pounding in her chest, and turned to look out the window.

The powerful beam of light had vanished, leaving only the faint glow of distant streetlights obscured by the mist of the cold spring night…

To put you in context, I have to say that this was a new apartment for her. She moved in, about three weeks before, complaining about the presence of insects at the place where she lived before.

During the move, she didn’t have chance. The movers she hired broke things and scratched the furniture so she cut the amount of tip she planned to give. Obviously the guys were not happy but that was fair enough provided the situation.

My mom pop the idea that the man she saw from her balcony, was probably one of the movers trying to scare her.

I said: -No, these guys have surely other things to do than scaring harmless elderly people.

Then she argue that maybe her experience with the light in her bedroom was realized using a drone equipped with a strong projector.

-One of the movers could have managed to get the drone up to my window to make this bad prank, she said.

I replied this was very unlikely and also the window is covered by a thin curtain that would have shadowed partially and diffused the light so she won’t be able to see her picture.

She didn’t listen and replied: -They could have taken my picture from Facebook why not?

For me she was terrified. I just thought this crazy experience was just a bad dream, or was it?

The image of her younger self remains in her mind, a ghostly reminder of something sinister lurking just beyond the veil of darkness.

The crawlers, insects from nowhere

Once again, my mother found herself under siege by a horde of creepy crawlers.

The insects invaded her space, emerging from every nook and cranny imaginable. They crept out from the depths of the sink drain, leaving a trail of dread in their wake.

As she slept, the insects viciously attacked her legs, leaving behind angry red marks as a haunting reminder of their presence. Even her hair was not safe, as tiny flies became entangled in its strands.

But the most chilling discovery came when she found an insect floating in her glass of water. That was the final straw. She immediately sought help from an exterminator, who uncovered the remains of flying insects of some species, I don’t remember the name, lurking in the shadows of her home.

Obviously, she paid a hefty price tag for his services.

From that day on, she refused to drink anything but bottled water, fearing contamination.

In the following days, her paranoia only grew, manifesting in hallucinations of eggs in her hair and insects crawling beneath her skin.

The phobia she had developed consumed her every thought, turning her once peaceful home into a nightmarish landscape teeming with unseen terrors.

The television of the damned

As I drove through the dark night, the glow of the cinema still fresh in my mind, a chill ran down my spine as my phone rang. It was my mother, her voice trembling with fear as she recounted the events of that fateful evening.

“Something strange happened to me tonight,” she whispered, her words dripping with unease. Intrigued, I urged her to continue.

She described how a mysterious cloud of orange smoke enveloped her living room, swirling around the television set like a malevolent spirit.

A deafening “boom” shattered the silence, sending her heart racing as she peered towards the patio door.

The smoke dissipated as quickly as it had appeared, leaving her with a sense of dread.

She swore that the figures on the television screen were watching her, their eyes boring into her soul.

In the days that followed, she claimed the television was spying on her, whispering secrets in the dead of night. She even swore she have seen and heard President Biden himself on television greet her and say “good music”, his voice echoing through the empty room over the music she was listening in the background.

As she spoke, a shiver ran down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

What if….

No, I have to remove this thought from my head. It can’t be.

What dark forces had been unleashed in her home, and what horrors awaited us in the shadows of the night?

Pictures are alive

After a series of mysterious events, I found myself on a journey to Quebec City to visit my mother. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I arrived at her apartment, only to be met with a strange aura.

When she greeted me at the door, she led me inside, warning me to speak softly as there were unfamiliar guests sleeping in her bedroom. She simply referred to them as “the guys.”

Intrigued, I ventured into her bedroom and was met with a chilling sight. Three identical portraits of my father lay on her bed, draped in a cozy blanket. Initially, I thought it was a macabre prank. But as I made my way to the kitchen, I encountered an even more disturbing scene.

On the table were two place settings, complete with flickering candles and glasses of wine.

My mother sat across from an old photograph of my father, engaged in conversation as if he were physically present. When I pointed out the obvious, she insisted it was someone else from her past.

However, the undeniable truth stared back at me from the photo. My mother even went as far as to pour wine on the picture, as if attempting to make him drink.

From that moment on, the pictures seemed to come to life, whispering and listening.

My mother was never truly alone in her apartment, always surrounded by her spectral visitors. She took them outside for fresh air, brought them to restaurants, and even tried to order food for them, much to the bewilderment of servers.

It was a surreal and unsettling reality that I struggled to comprehend. My mother’s world had become a twisted fusion of past and present, where photographs held more significance than the tangible world around us.

The terrible truth

In fall 2023, my worst fears turned out to be true.

My mother was diagnosed with a dementia disease type Alzheimer.

We placed her inside a residence for elderly people within a special unit for Alzheimer people. They give her a medication to calm down hallucinations, so she now no longer chase invisible flies around her.

In her good times, she still recognize me and my brother.

The day of the aurora borealis, we did indeed take her out for breakfast.

This was very stressful for me and my brother because we didn’t know what to expect from this adventure. It was the first time in 9 months that my mother took a peek outside.

Everything went so well, she ate with appetite. She knows and had enough lucidity to realize she was in a restaurant with his sons. That’s great we thought. This means maybe this summer we could get her out more often.

However, when she got back inside her apartment at the residence, she didn’t recognize the place immediately which caused her to panic until progressively she recognized her furniture.

She started preparing her things in order to move. So we tried to calm her and create distractions.

But suddenly, her mood has changed, and she wasn’t recognizing me by my name.

All the fun we had together an hour ago, made place to stress and anxiety.

After some time, we took her laundry and had to go. We told her to sat for 5 minutes until we get back, what she did in tears, saying out loud “don’t let me here!” 😥

It is so tough, so sad. 😢

We often think: “this happens only to others not to me”.

But let me tell you, when things like the above happens to someone close to you, you reconsider your thought quite fast.

I never thought this could happen to my mother. She was so strong, chiefly managing her life.

But it happened.

Now I fear that this happens to me too. I’m scared to disappear slowly as my mom do. Scared of this vacuity that the disease creates, this incapacity for the mind to access the information. Since our brain is a wonderful machine to fill empty spaces and create illusions, it did its best shot with my mum.

I feel guilty not having suspected her disease before in the first times when she started hallucinating increasing its paranoia.

When the evidence started to grow, she didn’t want to listen to our recommendations that were to go see a doctor. She was so fierce.

Ultimately, we had to force her. She fell unconscious in the elevator and they had to bring her to the hospital. But we had to force her to stay at the hospital and make through the medical tests.

This was the way to go.

My mother was getting really angry and frustrated not be able to find, quickly, simple words she was commonly using. Her personality never really changed though, she was and she is still as stubborn as she always were.

I regret not having more money. I know money doesn’t make you happy, but it helps.

If only I had more money, I would have found a better place for my mum.

Not that it’s not a good place where she stay but, it is far from the standing she would have had for her. At least she’s having three good meals per day, so she looks better and healthier than at the same time last year.

But in my heart, I know she was hoping of a more comfortable end of life, surrounded by its family and friends. Now she is surrounded by dementia with tears, screams and howls in the background.


You find your WHY to be the core reason why you want to grow a business and make more money. This is required because there are times in your affiliate journey you need a little boost, a kick of motivation to overcome the adversity you are facing.

Remembering those events above is enough for me to take action.

This is because I realized more than ever how those little moments I have with my children are so important. There exists only one moment to be happy and it has to be now, the present time.

It’s important I make this fact a part of my WHY. For me, this brings the desire for freedom and for this freedom, I can climb a mountain. The higher you are on the mountain, the smaller your problems look from above. It’s a matter of perspective!

I realize also how important it is now to chase the ghosts out of my life and chase that monster out of my closet (provided it don’t find its way under my bed). Ghostbusters help me!

So I want to have and keep full control on my life. This goes along with the capacity to pay my bills and still have money to spend. Unfortunately, my mother lose this control.

I just want to develop my full potential and enjoy the delights life has for me, during the time I’m healthy and still a bit young (at least in my heart).

We never know what tomorrow will be made of.

Yet, the present time for me is financially difficult and this has to change.

I don’t want to postpone my dreams, hence piling money only for my retirement.

It’s now or never. Regrets are not permitted.

Life is too short, my father who passed away at 53 can tell you.

Affiliate marketing is a work on myself.

If I want more from life, I discovered I have to give more to others. In this way, my business becomes a mean to help others find their way to wealth. Only by having a small step ahead, I can still help you.

You can make a success of your life I tell you!

Don’t think too long, subscribe to my newsletter and get those two videos I give for FREE. They will guide you and help you start your own business online.

Don’t wait for when you will have time. Make this time now.

Live the life of your dreams!

Hope I didn’t scare you too much. 😉



I’ve use “Affiliate Assistant”, the artificial intelligence part of my Affiliate System platform, with some editing, to help me give a dramatic and creepy mood to my stories. The stories are based on the real events as they were told by my mum, and also those I witnessed myself.

Pictures were realized using Microsoft’s Designer, Image Creator, except for the cover picture which comes from Pixabay, thanks to magwood_photography, see also on Instagram @magwood_photography.




8 Responses to “Ghosts Helped Me Find My WHY”

  1. Regina Burton Avatar

    Wow Martin what a terrific blog. I love the pictures and I am sorry that the ending of your story was very sad about your mum having the Alzheimer disease.
    Well done for being game enough to use AI to enhance your blog post.
    Looking forward to following your journey and reading your next blog.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hey Regina, AI is helpful for us affiliate marketers allowing us to save precious time. Here I used it for enhancing my stories and build pictures. AI pictures have the advantage of being created based on our inputs. As you know, it is always difficult to find a picture that suits our needs. At the same time you have to deal with legal rights, and all this stuff. At the end, it takes time to find one that is totally free and useful to present your topic. That’s where AI pictures generation come to be so powerful.

  2. Nakina Lawson Avatar

    Hi, Martin!
    This was a sobering story. I can relate to wanting to make more money to help my family. I also have my own health problems that will only get worse as I grow older. I will need money to take care of myself. This is a huge motivation for making affiliate marketing work now.
    It is so good of you and your brother to be there for your mom. I believe there is a part of people, even when they’re not quite aware of what is real, that really appreciates kindness.
    My heart goes out to you,

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Nakina. I agree that these are good sources for motivation even if there is a time factor that is stressful. We want to make money as soon as possible in order to get the most of life during the time we are healthy enough to enjoy the benefits of it. But this is also what makes us the most vulnerable to the temptation of getting distracted by some “quick money” program. Have a good day.

  3. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Martin, thank you for sharing your journey and the challenges you’ve faced with such honesty and vulnerability. It’s clear that you’ve been through a lot, and your courage in confronting these difficulties is truly admirable. Your commitment to finding your “why” and using it as motivation to overcome obstacles is inspiring. Remembering the importance of cherishing the present moment and pursuing your dreams without delay is a powerful message that resonates with many. Your willingness to help others along their own paths to success is a testament to your resilience and generosity. Keep pushing forward, and know that your openness and determination are making a difference in the lives of others. Atif

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Atif for all your kind words! I really appreciate. Yes I will continue to push forward. And you are right, our actions are so important even if we thing they are negligible. But at least if they could help only one person that worth it and all the efforts you have done.

  4. Andy Jacobs Avatar

    Well, I’m blown away. I was riveted by your blog. At times, hairs standing up on my arms and neck; at times almost tearful reading about your mum’s decline. What a heartfelt and transparent rendition. I had no idea about the use of AI until you mentioned it at the end. You did it proud, man!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Andy! Yes I have used AI because since English is not my native language, I needed a little help to find the right vocabulary to give the horror mood to my stories. Some of the words I searched because I had absolutely no idea what was their meaning or even how I would have pronounced them. 😄
      But the stories are mine and are based on real events experienced by my mum. Thank you for you nice comment.


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