A Healthy Ride to Wealth

My Story

Hey! I’m glad to see you here!

My name’s Martin Lefebvre.

I’m a Canadian proud father of three wonderful kids. With more than 20 years experience as a professional electronic engineer, I work now as a consultant in the aerospace industry. 

Needless to say, this is my full time day job…

Despite the many interesting challenges your career may have brought you, there comes a time where you start to think you’re up for some changes.  This is usually when new opportunities presents themselves to you. In my case, there was no exception to this rule after I read this book.

The book had a great influence on me, and for a good reason:  it marked the rise of a new passion, a path to follow with the objective of becoming…

an entrepreneur! 🙂

Force to say I was inside a long sequence of financial tension into which I found myself struggling desperately at meeting with the budget each month.  Despite the relatively good salary I was receiving as an engineer, this wasn’t sufficient for the living standard I wished to maintain for my family.  Convinced I had to do something to get out of my uncomfortable financial situation, I decided to look for possible solutions online.

Hence, completely out of my comfort zone, I registered officially in June 2023 in an affiliate marketing program in partnership with Internet Profits ltd, the company that belongs to Dean Holland.  With their help, I started my own online business in affiliate marketing.

What an excitement it was!

Without knowing too much where this was going to bring me, I accepted this new challenge as a sideline.  The anticipation that someday a successful business could become the only source of income I ever needed to live the life of my dreams was, for sure, a great source of motivation.

So here I am, with this blog and my ambition of doing money with my laptop as my only tool.  This simple idea look very unusual to me and, at the same time, highly attractive.  I know, there are pitfalls on this path I will need to identify, avoid, and overcome.  However, I’m far from being alone with Dean as my mentor!

I don’t follow blindly gurus that pretend they have a magic formula for beginners that want to become rich quick without efforts or money investment.  I’m surely not a good customer for this kind of marketing.  Indeed, for me who have learned throughout my professional life to work hard on the processes instead of naively focusing on the end results, this is a perfect nonsense.

I’m absolutely convinced it’s possible to make money online for anyone willing to seriously invest their time and put their efforts where needed, provided they focus on a proven plan long enough to eventually meet with the results.

I’m not interested in doing just a few quick, random gains.  I want to create a sustainable source of income, that is, I want a profitable business.  With that in mind, I’m well aligned and in good hands with Internet Profits and their Accelerator Partnership Program.

This blog is the reflection of my new passion.  When I love something, I develop a need to share; I want the world to discover and feel the same thing, same exaltation!  With this blog, I want to tell you a real story, my story as an affiliate marketer.

My intention is to post each week but don’t mind if I skip a week from time to time.  Like I said, I’m starting this as a sideline and my day job takes a lot of place on my agenda.

Leave me a message to wake-me up if you didn’t hear from me for a while.  It is important for me to document my activities regularly, creating content with the things I have learned, so that you can benefit from my experiences, wins, and mistakes.

If I succeed, you will be the first to know

and you will know HOW.

Bookmark my Home Page and follow my journey as I develop and grow my business in Affiliate Marketing!

Start now by reading my Welcome Post,

then find out why I chose Internet Profits by reading How I Started in Affiliate Marketing.

Hope you will find here valuable information to accelerate your own success!

Best Regards,

Martin Lefebvre
Affiliate Marketer & Blogger