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I Received My First Call For Help

Today I received a surprise.

Someone on TikTok ask me a question that I was clearly not ready to answer.

I’m training for months to eventually face this kind of situation from the moment I started to work on traffic.

The person, ask me simply, and kindly : “Can you help me?”.

She wanted me to help her start with affiliate marketing.

Well, I said to myself of course I can help you! So at the moment I prepared to answer, I stalled.

A blank screen.

I looked like a busy window on my laptop when it says “not responding…”. I felt completely disarmed. 😕

I just left the question pending and asked for help in my community of certified partners.

It’s worth to say that me, including a bunch of others affiliate partners of Internet Profits, are part of a program called “The Beginner’s Advantage”.

This is a program that train us to work on Affiliate System, a platform dedicated to affiliate marketing that groups all the tools an affiliate marketer needs at a single address. For this reason it’s very powerful.

This program has now, since a few weeks now, its own private community on SKOOL where each one can help each others. So, even if my request for help wasn’t totally related to affiliate system, I asked the question anyway because these guys have basically the same business “structure” as I have.

The response didn’t wait.

Mostly we agreed that the best move in this case was to bring this lead to my newsletter. By optin, she will get my FREE GIFTS, that have a lot of value for anybody who is serious with starting affiliate marketing.

This really worth the detour.

By subscribing she will get “The Beginners Business Blueprint”, a video by Dean Holland that will make her discover how she can start her own business online and create a full time income.

Also, she will have another video: “Why Traditional Affiliate marketing is Dead and What’s the new way to do it!“.

The latter is undoubtedly a prequel to the “Iceberg Effect- The Untold Secret Of Affiliate Marketing Success” book, the same book that gave me the boost I needed to start my own online business.

Then she will receive my weekly newsletter “A Healthy Ride To Wealth“.

In this newsletter I will keep her informed when a new post is available on my blog, she will also receive tips and updates about affiliate marketing, anecdotes from my journey, quality offers to help her start and grow her business online, insider information from Internet Profits including Affiliate System, and much more…

Does this sound like I’m giving you my sales pitch?

Well, it is indeed.

Nevertheless, this is all FREE! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

HOP! Do it NOW. Click HERE to subscribe to my newsletter.

We’ll stay friends even if you say no to all my promotions and offers.

Worst case, I will follow-up, and you can unsubscribe anytime you want.

But remember, it’s by entering the Internet Profits funnel that you will receive the most important and interesting offers. Down that funnel you have the mentorship and other high ticket products.

All these were designed to accelerate and simplify your journey to success. Hence, your dream life.

How you enter that funnel is by subscribing (and taking my offers) or ordering the Iceberg Effect book. Easy does it.

I finally wrote to the lady above, asking her to follow and send me a direct message so I can give her the information and link to my gifts and newsletter.

If you have any comments on this post, please leave them below. I will really love to hear from you.

Any questions? Go to my contact page and send me directly your question.

See you next week.



6 Responses to “I Received My First Call For Help”

  1. Meredith Moore Avatar

    Hi Martin,

    Great post! It’s nerve-wracking being put on the spot, but you handled it well. Directing her to your newsletter was a smart move. Your free gifts and insights from Dean are super valuable for beginners.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next update!


  2. Marc Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    It really is mind-boggling when you find out that “this thing really works!” LOL!
    Great to read that you’re moving forward and yes, it is working for you! Looking to get into that same path within the next week or two, if I’m lucky, I’ll have that same experience!
    All the best!

  3. Ernie Avatar

    This is so exciting and probably a little scary all at the same time. Scary, I mean that you want to get it right and help this person who has reached out to you. After reading your blog I am completely confident that you are the right person to help her in her endeavor to enter this business. Excellent job, excellent post, and I hope to continue to learn from you. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Sherri S Pulcino Avatar

    Yay! Win for you! You have someone reaching out to you asking for help That means you are doing something right. Keep it up. I look forward to getting that reach out from someone.

  5. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    Always look at your comments and respond, is my takeaway. And be ready to respond, as well! Did she sign up?

  6. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Martin, It sounds like you had an interesting experience with your first call for help on TikTok! It’s understandable to feel caught off guard when asked for immediate assistance, especially in affiliate marketing. Your decision to seek support from your community of certified partners shows a proactive approach to problem-solving, which is commendable. The Beginner’s Advantage program is a valuable resource for honing your skills and networking with like-minded individuals. Offering your newsletter and free resources to help newcomers is a generous gesture that can provide substantial value to those starting out in affiliate marketing. It’s great to see your enthusiasm and dedication to helping others succeed in this competitive field. Best of luck with your outreach efforts, and I look forward to hearing more about your journey in future posts!

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