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I’m Taking A Blog Pause

This week I decided to take a blog pause. I apologize but I’m not going to post today.

Anyway, I haven’t prepared anything and have no idea what to say.

Maybe that’s because this week was too quiet.

Summer vacations are coming soon and with the warm days of summer hitting us, my mind, consistently wants me in a hammock comfortably installed under the shade of two big trees with a drink nearby.

I can feel the silence of quietness occasionally disturbed by the leaves dancing aimlessly within the drafts of a warm summer wind.

You know here in eastern Canada, winters are so long that when summers come, we want to benefit from them a max.

Summers go by and winters drag on. It’s like that.

Another reason why I didn’t prepare anything for my blog post this week is because I wanted to make place in my schedule for drafting emails.

You know, since several weeks now I want to learn how to do Facebook paid ads for lead traffic.

While my attempts at generating organic traffic is still in progress, I have some difficulties at maintaining the pace and consistency required to generate the followers and traffic I want.

Faced to this, I decided to look at paid ads.

Not that I have a lot of spare money to spend on ads (in fact I don’t have any) but I thought this investment would give a little boost to my business.

I don’t want to sound like I’m in a hurry of chasing money by anyway, but in fact… yeah I am. I see my debts increasing and there’s nothing I can do in the immediate that can help. I panic.

Look at me. I panic.

What Dean says about chasing money?… Something…It’s something like “don’t look the money, because it’s an end result…”

OK let’s take a deep breath.

“Don’t chase the money, focus on the process and money will come”. That’s it! I got it now.

OK, another deep breath… I feel better.

I know I should focus on the process and keep at it, but you know, when in a panic, it is difficult to take the right decisions.

In my case, I want more money now and when I see my debts increasing, vacations coming, the city taxes, the school inscriptions, and the car license renewal payment coming too soon, I…panic.

Sitting down in calm and thinking about a solution, makes me believe that paid ads finally could be a good solution to my traffic problem.

Throwing a little kick on the part of my business responsible to generate traffic can surely help. The kicking technique works because I prove it several times.

The last one was with my pool’s water pump. I don’t know why but my pool pump seemed stuck and was having problem rotating so I just throw a kick on it, well placed, and it restarted to work has it should.

Have to say that I didn’t wanted it to die now because replacing this kind of pump will cost me around a thousand of dollars $$$. You can surely well imagine what kind of kick it was.

Paid ads is obviously is a good skill to have in affiliate marketing when you miss the time to devote yourself entirely to organic means of traffic generation.

Paid ads are a good skill to have and surely one I could afford. Doing it profitably will require me to be good at it.

For this, the odds are on my side. There is a good coverage on paid ads with a large amount of lessons material at Internet Profits for training on this topic. Particularly, I took a lesson about doing a Facebook lead ad so I’m ready to do my first draft.

However ads is just the visible part of the Iceberg. Under, there are several things I need to do for the machine to be ready to accept the first leads.

So above I talked about drafting emails. Indeed, I’m preparing an automated sequence of 10 emails that my leads will receive. With these emails my intention is to present myself and introduce my affiliate marketing business.

Along the emails, I want to develop relationships with my leads, build trust, and I will consider a win if I succeed to initiate the seed of a new passion to them.

What will happen to my leads after my sequence of 10 emails? They will be automatically brought to my newsletter broadcast list, that is, the one you will surely want to be on. Easy, just click here and enter your email in the form. By doing this you will receive two FREE gifts with content made by my mentor Dean Holland, that will surely be helpful and of great value to you.

One may wondering, for the sake of justice, if the leads coming from my automated workflow will also receive the same gifts? My answer is Yes!

With the Facebook ads, they are presented a lead magnet, that is, one of the gift I offer to those who optin via my blog.

Then, somewhere in my email sequence, my strategy is to offer the second gift to keep the readers’ interests before I transferred them on my newsletter’s broadcast mailing list. There, everybody is happy and receives the same gifts. At any moment of course, they can unsubscribe if they decide too.

So again I apologize for having nothing to say this week forcing me to skip this Saturday’s post.

I just needed more time yesterday and need more time today to prepare for paid ads. I will show present next week so don’t miss it.

Take care and talk to you soon!


P.S. Did I just write a post?…🤔🙃


9 Responses to “I’m Taking A Blog Pause”

  1. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    That’s one way to write a blog post- pretend you didn’t write it and viola! It’s done!!

    Thanks for your insights on the FB Lead Ad process. Everyone has a different take on it!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      I must say that this post surprised me. I started to write around 2PM with nothing really to say, and achieved a complete post at around 4PM. Just documenting what I did. Remembering what Glen and Dean use to say, just document your journey. It is much easier than having to create content from scratch.

  2. Robert Klein Avatar

    Happy Canada Day Long Weekend, Martin. Leave it to a Canadian to apologize for NOT posting. We apologize for almost anything including when folks bump into US.

    I feel that panic which makes it difficult to make the RIGHT decisions. And you’re doing the right thing by focussing on the process. It sounds like your work on the Facebook lead ads is coming along nicely.

    In a roundabout way – your post that you SAY you have nothing to say in – is in fact exactly the kind of content our mentor Dean Holland thinks should be part of our regular blog posts…having a conversation with our audience.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hey! Happy Canada day to you too my Canadian friend! Yes documenting is far much easier than creating content like I said to Kate. Glen also talked about it in one of his Friday live. So I did exactly that. Just sitting in front of my laptop starting document my thoughts and well, my journey. It works!
      By the way, I’m sad for the Oilers’ fans… They played so well in the last 4 games, they were so spectacular, that they deserved the cup. Nevertheless they made us live good moments.

  3. Sarah Goulding Avatar
    Sarah Goulding

    Your summer vibes in the hammock sound absolutely dreamy!
    I really appreciate your honesty about the challenges of keeping up with organic traffic and your dive into Facebook paid ads. It sounds like you’ve got a solid plan, especially with setting up that automated email sequence. Trust me, focusing on the process rather than just the money is key, as Dean says. But hey, we all panic sometimes, especially with bills piling up.

    Your strategy for paid ads and building relationships through emails sounds spot on. Can’t wait to see how it all pans out for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer and looking forward to your next post!

  4. Meredith Moore Avatar

    Hey Martin,

    Sometimes taking a break is needed to regroup. Your thoughts on gearing up for summer and exploring Facebook paid ads reflect a strategic approach to business growth.

    Setting up your email sequence and offering gifts to your leads shows your dedication to building connections. I’m still working on mine. Keep at it, and looking forward to your next post!


  5. Ken McGarvey Avatar

    Hey Martin sounds to me like you had plenty of good things to say! Enjoyed the flow of your post and the challenges you are going through. FB Lead Ads seems to be the traffic flavor of choice right now, keep us informed of your progress as you get this implemented.

  6. Eleanor Hope Avatar


    Great post. proof that whatever we share in a post is documenting what we are going through, so yes it is a post!!

    It is an honest and thoughtful post and refreshing to see someone openly discuss the challenges and realities of maintaining a blog and managing the pressures of life and business.

    Your need for time to focus on other important aspects of your business is appreciated. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to step back and prioritize tasks that need immediate attention.

    Your description of summer in eastern Canada is powerful. The long winters and the fleeting summers perfectly capture the urge to savor every moment of warmth and sunlight. Living in Wales with its lush greens is in response to the rain so we are so appreciative when the sun is out!

    Still, you explore Facebook paid ads and you’ve put a lot of thought into it, from drafting emails to setting up an automated sequence. Your decision to use paid ads to boost traffic and generate leads shows you are still documenting your journey.

    It’s encouraging to see you taking steps to enhance your business and tackle challenges head-on.

    Your “kicking technique” with your pool pump is a good reminder that sometimes, a little unconventional approach can yield positive results.

    Even though you set out to take a break from blogging, you ended up sharing valuable insights and reflections. This post not only updates your readers on your current endeavors but also provides a glimpse into your thought process and strategy. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your audience and keep them informed.

    Take care, enjoy your summer moments, and best of luck with your ads!

  7. Andy Jacobs Avatar

    Well done Martin! For a post that doesn’t exist you’ve done really well. This was great entertainment all the way through and I can so relate to what you are saying about not much happening and having nothing to write about. Good luck with the lead ad; I’m on the cusp myself.

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