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Will You Let AI Steal Your Job?

AI has now the power to be everywhere: in the text you read, on the video you are watching, in the music you are listening, and more.

It is so hot actually that it has now acquired the power to steal your job! Seriously!

In the United Kingdom (UK), the process is already started…

The British group called “The Institute for Public Policy Research” (IPPR), recently released a report “Transformed by AI: How generative artificial intelligence could affect work in the UK – and how to manage it” that warns about this fact.

The report says that in UK, women, young workers, and low earners are the ones most at risk from AI automation. More specifically this corresponds to entry-level positions, part time, and administrative jobs.

AI generated image using Image Creator of Microsoft Designer

The IPPR predicts in a “doomsday” scenario that 11% of actual tasks are at risks and this could even reach 59% as AI is developing. This is 7.9 millions jobs that are at risks to be shifted if no adequate management of AI automation is done. Quite a lot right?

I think this warning is necessary. Even if most of the time warnings like this have no immediate effect, at least they serve as a wake-up signal.

Like an alarm we snooze several times before we stand up from the bed in the morning, a warning needs to be repeated several times before finally it’s taken seriously.

It’s human I think. I’m like that, guilty you honor!

The number of times a warning has to be repeated differs on how much concerned people really are.

Take global warming as an example.

How many times have you heard these warnings ringing in your ears, without any serious action being taken?

Sure, there are a few attempts here and there but, so far, nothing strong enough to make a real impact.

As it’s supposed to be a global heads-up, many countries, politicians, people, are still neglecting this fact.

Reason? Again, I guess money is too powerful.

Bad habits are difficult to change. People have assets they want to keep for the long term, and their comfort is prime.

Big polluting industries have no feelings or respect for the planet. For them, profit is the only thing that counts.

As a result of this negligence, our children and their descendants will have the problem to live and deal with the consequences if nothing drastic is done now.

Hope in time AI will be kind and smart enough to help them with their struggles.

People conscientiousness is a slow process. Evidence over evidences are often required to take a move. And when the problem is finally knocking at our door, we open, and realize it’s too late. We have to deal with the consequences.

Will Artificial Intelligence save the planet one day?

Before it does so, we will have to solve this paradox:

how can AI help us solve the problem of global warming if it’s also part of the problem?

AI requires computers and computers consume power (not always eco-friendly electricity), generate heat, and their electronic components are still made of numerous chemicals hazardous for the environment.

As AI takes a greater place in our life, so will grow our awareness about it. The question now we should ask ourselves is: will it be for the best?

AI for content creation

Despite all this, the Terminator is for me closer to fiction than it is from a dark future reality.

Some are already fearing this advent building their fears on the imagination of novelists, movie productions, or from the Internet.

Some are ready to believe any bullshit they see on social medias like if AI, by its own will, was conspiring against humanity.

Back to jobs, we know since a long time they will transform hence changing our life. You must have passed the last 20 years under a rock to believe nothing will happen.

But I like to think it’s for the best.

Like any new technology entering our lives, initially it disturbs. We may fear the changes but as we learn and tame it, fears go away and the technology becomes an asset, hence a tool.

Like personal computers years ago changed our lives, shifting jobs, creating others, so will do AI and as always, we will adapt to it.

AI not only automate things, but it can also create quality content.

In affiliate marketing we use AI as a tool for content creation, mostly text and pictures, but videos generated by AI are also becoming popular. This allows us to save a lot of time and you know, time is precious.

I’ve heard somewhere that if one could find a solution to save time and commercialize it, he would make millions.

Looking at AI, I think someone already found the solution and it’s not me.

Caution though. When using AI for content creation: use it wisely.

Revise your content and adapt it to your own voice. It’s too easy to lose our personal touch with AI. Don’t throw away your emotions and creativity by creating content solely relying on AI.

Your human personality must always transpose in your content. AI is a machine and relies on logical associations and facts. People like and will always like better what feels and sounds like them, i.e. humans.

It’s our emotional side, our capacity to feel awesomeness, that makes us human. These thoughts are comforting.

The worst nightmares about AI will not come from the machines but from the human himself.

Desire for power, cupidity, ego, and selfishness are also part of human nature.

It is not difficult to predict that AI will eventually, if not already being used in some instances, as another way to achieve our low and primitive instincts.

For example, yesterday at the radio I learned about a new technology supposed to help actors and technicians in doubling their voices on movies. By this I mean the possibility to change a part of a sentence, exchange a word for another, even completely change the meaning of what is being said and this, without altering the fluidity, personality, and the tonality of the voice.

Amazing no?

Actors no more will have to repeat an entire sequence for a mistake or the change of wording. Technicians will just have to change a word for another using this AI technology and there it is.

However, while this could have real advantages, I fear this could serve as well to make people say what they never said, without no one noticing the deception.

This could have catastrophic issues in politics.

There is a dark side to almost everything, but there is also a solution to everything so I hope, and I’m confident about it, that those concerns are already being solved.

Affiliate Assistant

Last thing I would like to tell you regarding AI is the “Affiliate Assistant” embedded as part of Affiliate System, an all-in-one platform that gathers in one place, all the tools an affiliate marketer will need.

[ Here the “Affiliate Assistant” module, I’m actually learning to use, is a cutting-edge AI tool.

This tool is designed to help affiliate marketers save time by automatically generating text content for their marketing campaigns.

By leveraging the power of AI, affiliate marketers can now focus on other important tasks, such as strategy development and relationship building. For me, even if I didn’t use it very much up to now, that’s super cool!

With Affiliate Assistant, affiliate marketers can streamline their workflow and increase their productivity.

This AI tool can generate engaging and SEO-friendly content in a matter of minutes, allowing marketers to stay ahead of the competition and drive more traffic to their affiliate links.

Embracing AI tools like Affiliate Assistant can help affiliate marketers adapt to this new reality and thrive in the digital age! ]

Side note: the text above in bracket was generated by Affiliate Assistant with some light changes added by myself.

Let AI works for you

In conclusion to this post, I would say:

don’t let AI steal your job, instead let AI work for you!

Don’t look at this new technology in a negative way. Benefit from the awesomeness it has to give to you.

One way to do this, as well as protecting yourself from predicted job shifts and changes, could be to start your online business now while it’s still time.

Don’t snooze on the warnings, don’t do this mistake. Be proactive!

Your first step should be to register to my newsletter. You will be able to reply to me and I will be able to send you all the information you need to start your own business with Dean as your mentor!

Stay ahead of technological changes and trace your path to a better future! Get behind the wheel and drive your way to success!

Have a good day!


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18 Responses to “Will You Let AI Steal Your Job?”

  1. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Martin, your analysis of how AI affects life, especially jobs, is really interesting. You’re good at explaining hard stuff in simple ways, which is great. I like how you talk about both the good and bad sides of AI, and how we should use it carefully. Your stories and examples make it easy to understand. It’s cool to see how you’re positive about new tech but also careful about it. Keep teaching us about AI and tech – you’re doing a great job! Thanks, Atif

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Atif! Yes I find AI fascinating, and if I can found other interesting facts about AI, I will surely have no problem at doing another post on it!

  2. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    AI is revolutionary if used responsibly. Small businesses who refuse to used AI are doomed to be overworked and underpayed. Yes it has a dark side just as all humans do. We can choose to use it for the common good!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      The only thing I fear is the misplaced used of AI. Otherwise, this is a great technology that worth to be learned!

  3. Nakina Lawson Avatar

    Hi, Martin!
    I think AI can be very helpful. Sure, it will change things. But, I think people will adapt to the changes. That’s what humans do!
    I think people will want to deal with people, so there will always be a place for us in our businesses.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Exactly, that’s my feeling too!
      Thank you Nakina!

  4. Meredith Moore Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    Technology has come such a long way. It’s good but scary at the same time! I believe it is a good thing for our future with the type of business we’re doing. The only thing that scares me is, are we gonna start to have robots doing jobs instead of humans? That day is getting closer and closer. In some places it’s already here. I guess we’ll see… Great post today. Thanks!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Meredith! Than you for your comment. As far as AI replaces the jobs no one wants to do, for me I’m OK with it. Where I’m more concerned is replacing jobs that requires human connection and interaction feels. But we should not be scared for AI taking jobs, we just need to adapt for the best like we did when computers entered our lives: it shifted jobs but created others.


  5. CJ Avatar


    I believe A.I. is here to stay. The thing to remember is that a computer cannot output what man has not input. So as smart A.I is it’s can only do what man programs it to do.

    With that said, it is an interesting topic and as an I.T. professional it is one that I’m looking forward to diving into. In the future not so far away, it will be a requirement to understand A.I if one wishes to achieve online.

    Enjoyed the post and look forward to seeing how things evolve with A.I.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you for enjoying this post CJ! I think AI has still plenty of interesting things to show us in the near future.

  6. Marc Avatar

    Hi Martin,
    As long as my wife doesn’t throw me out and replaces me with an AI, I’m ahead! LOL!
    All kidding aside, I think that if you take the time to work with AI for the tasks that it could do, you might find yourself ahead – then again, everything is perspective.
    Can’t wait to see how all of this will work out – all the best for your future posts!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you Marc, indeed we have to learn to work with AI and use it for the sake of simplifying our life. However Human interaction will always stay important and not easily replaceable. I think you have still some chance with your wife 😉😁

  7. Sherri Pulcino Avatar

    AI is certainly here to stay and I think it can be very helpful. We must embrace it and use it for our benefit.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Yes, let’s use it as a tool and not as a way to replace human interactions.

  8. Eleanor Hope Avatar

    Well, the jury is still out on AI and how best to understand its impact and how to respond to it, but agree the best way forward is to learn more.

    Yes. be proactive.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Exactly Eleanor, tame the technology to make it your friend.

  9. Vanessa Lea Avatar

    As with any new technology, AI is a phenomenal tool in many instances. However, I also feel that companies are erasing the human element from aspects of a business that are and will always be relevant to human interaction. For instance, I believe incorporating AI for warehouse-type storage and production makes sense. Opening and running a McDonalds fast food chain restaurant without human interaction feels impersonal and unfeeling. I believe AI has its place and should be utilized as a tool and not a replacement for human connection.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      I have same feeling when I enter a McDonald’s with those big screens taking your orders. I find this impersonal.
      I don’t know if this helps saving line-ups and time but one thing I observed in my country with McDonald’s Canada is the quality of the staff in all of the stations.
      When I was young, I worked at McDonald’s and we received a very good training for the station we were called to work in. As a result, restrooms, floors and tables were always clean and shinning, food was prepared the right way almost like on the picture. Not long ago McDonald’s was a model of fast food. Now, McDonald’s Canada is just a shadow of what it has been. Order something, they forgot ingredients in the most basics meals, sandwiches have nothing to do with their marketing images, restrooms are dirty, garbage are always full, and staff at cash, when there is someone, hardly smile and speak my language. No more effective customer service in steps like we learned in the past. It’s not just McDonald’s by the way. It’s a general observation that customer service here has decreased in quality.
      OK. I feel better now.

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