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The Fears of the Affiliate Marketer

Summer vacations are over.

I took three weeks outside of my day job and had to slow down my affiliate marketing tasks. With the family we went around doing outdoor activities, obviously deliberately forgetting we were on a budget.

In vacation, I can easily throw away a budget. I’m good at it. I spend the money without really thinking too much about the aftershock. When these insidious thoughts come, I use to arm myself with one of the best excuses that often come in such a situation:

“It’s vacation time! Let’s make the most of it!”,

“We have only one life to live, enjoy the moment!”

However, this time, I felt irresponsible.

I was caught in my dreams, looking forward for the day I could say: “Go ahead! Make the expense! Your affiliate business will bring you the money you want!”. The excitement? Maybe.

Even if this was my vacations, and I know I was supposed to enjoy every bits of it, it was really difficult for me to let go. The more I thought about it, the more I was feeling guilty; guilty of doing none of the actions I should do now to get money while I have the time for it.

I am like this. When I have a passion I become compulsory.

But there is something else. Something I associate with insecurity, or the feeling of losing the faith, the confidence I could make it. While sitting on the edge of the pool, feet in the water, this little voice resonated:

-“And if all this was just a dream?”

Oh no! Another negative thought…

– “What if all the expectations I have were far fetched?”

Suddenly, I felt overwhelmed and oppressed. My toes started to crisp together like if they wanted to grip the water. As I tried to surf on the waves of summer fun, I kept receiving splashes of negative thoughts, questioning my capacity to bring my business project out to success.

Am I following a trail in the darkness? You know that kind of trails we see in movies that crosses a creepy swamp. A trail where every sounds are felt suspicious and heard louder than they are in reality?

Difficult to relax with these thoughts in mind.

In a moment of panic, all I wanted was to get back home with my laptop to revisit my business plan. However I have learned by experience that things don’t always align well when you precipitate them.

So I calmed down and backed-up a little bit.

I filled my lungs with fresh air and the storm in my head was calming down.

I went back to reality and tried to enjoy the remaining sunny days.

The end of my vacation came and marked the return of my financial reality.

Resigned, I’m counting down the days when the vacation bills will arrive, taking the traits of that big wave I never learned to negotiate. There I am back to my day job again with the Sunday blues.

On the horizon, I feel the wind of fall season coming as daylight starts to dim.

Am I a failure?

No, not at all.

However, I must keep the focus.

It is just normal I make no money yet. I’m still learning how to do it and learning takes time.

That trail, I know, can get me out of the woods. I know it because I have the support from my mentors and my community. I have a goal, a new part time business to run, and a hope of a better me. Fall season must be well-behaved.

Walt Disney once said:

All dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them

I believe it’s true. However, I wonder why did he used the word “courage” in this citation? Is it because the path of our dreams is strewn with pitfalls and ferocious beasts? Would have been the word “motivation” a better choice?

I don’t think so.

What’s the greatest thing that prevents us from achieving our goals?


The fear to fail, and the fear to success are the most common reasons why we often abandon a project.

We fear the first times we do something because we don’t want to fail. Have you ever given up on something difficult because you were afraid to learn it and fail?

Learning could be seen difficult because it necessitates efforts and a proper mindset. Remember the learning curve, the more you do something, the easier and the better it gets.

We fear success because we fear what money can do to our life.

Money sometimes has bad reputation in the heads of many people and they imprison themselves with this image that money will change them negatively. Realize that we have to embrace these things.

Change is good! A person who isn’t changing throughout his life isn’t evolving, isn’t developing. That is, this person isn’t becoming the best version of himself.

In today’s reality, the average person is often perceived as being a bit lazy. As soon you take him out of his comfort zone, he wants to return back where he was. In science, this is called stability, but you can call this a sedentary lifestyle if you like.

Doing an effort is difficult for those people. Physics tells you: it’s easier to maintain momentum than to start.

Break the ice, and take this first step. Destabilize yourself and you will see opportunities coming at you.

By getting fearful, we don’t move forward, we hesitate and we stay neutral, hence we quit the path to our dreams.

It’s OK to have fear but it’s not OK to let fear stops us.

The Core Reason

What is the core reason of our fears?

In my opinion, I think that the core reason why we get fearful is because we are worried or concerned about what people might think of us.

If someone, my boss for example, read my blog what will he think?

If a member of my family knows I’m investing my time to make money on the internet what will be his/her reaction?

I wonder what would be worst? What other people might think of you? Or the reality of not accomplishing your goals?

I don’t have to think long to realize that the need to achieve my goals far outweighs what people, usually complete strangers, might think.

Should I try this?

In my creativity moments I thought about doing videos… I don’t have yet the traffic I would like to have. It’s my biggest challenge right now and I’m working on it. So I came with the idea of starting a YouTube channel I would call “The Mentor’s Corner”, featuring Dean Holland (me to introduce and conclude), in a sequence of short videos.

I like the challenge.

The idea could be nice! However,… OK, I am going to tell you.

I’m just too scared about doing it. 😨

The idea of ​​having to appear on video terrifies me. I’m afraid of ridicule. Also, English is not my first language, and my accent is terrible. I hate seeing and hearing myself.

I know I need to change this and increase my self-confidence. We succeed by doing things that need to be done and by looking ahead. If I back-up, I miss not only a chance to attract more people interested in what I do, but I lose the chance to improve myself, and to make progress.

We are rarely good when we start at something, I told you that. I’m not different, I have my comfort zone. Doing videos isn’t near my comfort zone at all. I have to overcome my fears and to do this, I need to find the courage that Walt Disney was talking about.

Now it’s clear.

I have a dream and I will take the actions required to pursue it.

Well, we’ll see where that leads.

Please tell me in the comments below, what fears you experience in practicing affiliate marketing? If you are someone interested but haven’t yet started the journey, then what makes you hesitate? Have you ever talked to your colleagues, your boss, or someone else you trust about starting your own business online? If yes, what was their reactions?

If their reactions looked like this…

then believe me when I say I understand your situation and I sympathize with you.

Speak to you soon,





34 Responses to “The Fears of the Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Sarah Goulding Avatar

    I really enjoyed reading this and yes, I have been laughed at.
    I, like you, forget reality while on holiday. I say “yes” to so much that I wouldn’t. I turn into a mum that forgets all home rules and then I wonder why the account is so low!

    I am certainly experiencing fear through my journey but will prove myself wrong one day!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Sarah! It’s holiday season so enjoy it as much as you can! Reality checks in January 😉.
      Wish you a happy new year and may you reach your goals in 2024!

  2. Nakina Lawson Avatar

    Lol! I love the picture of the horse! That is why I haven’t shared starting a business with my friends or family. I’m looking at starting a YouTube channel in the near future. I am afraid of my mom’s disdain and the disappointment of my family. I know they will think it is a scam, and I’ve been sucked in due to my poor judgment. But, of course, I know it’s not a scam. And if I’m going to be successful, I need to be present. It’s time to launch myself out there. My family won’t be so concerned when I’m able to quit my day job.

  3. Michael Avatar

    Hey Martin – you’ve got a wonderful way with words! Great word pictures and engaging story. Thank you for your vulnerability and your insight into moving past fear!

  4. Eleanor Hope Avatar

    You have really gone deep into feelings of ‘fear’ and I really appreciate it as I am building a blog that focuses on experiencing fear and then working to overcome it.

    I also share your fear around video and it’s really awful as I’ve done online training and have the replays which I thought would help me improve, but I have not watched!! This is a big fear that I want to break free from. Thank you for sharing.

  5. David Roper Avatar

    Martin, I agree with Michael, you do have a way with words… It drew me into your post as I painted the pictures in my head. Well Done! We all have fears, and being from the south (Alabama) people already think we are slow…🤣 I in turn say “Nope, we are just to fast for you to understand… They ask me what I mean… I reply “Jeetyet” … 🤔…. 2 syllables instead of your 4… 🤔… “Did You Eat Yet?”‘🤣🤣 Facing our fears and learning to overcome is a learning process but achievable (no matter what others may think)

  6. Lauren Millman Avatar
    Lauren Millman

    Hi Martin, as a new affiliate marketer myself I stumbled across your post and I just loved it. I have struggled getting my business off the ground so I could really resonate with your words. I do feel fear has played a big part in my journey as well, and this was just a good reminder that fear is normal… just as long as you don’t allow it to hinder your process. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Yeah! Put those fears aside and let’s get that job done!

  7. Katrin Avatar

    I procrastinatd starting a YouTube channel for so long, and then I just decided to do it, without any special equipment and using my iPhone to record them. Using the phone works really well actually, I have a small microphone to record the sound more clearly.

    Anyway, I decide what I will talk about in the video, but then I speak freely without a manuscript. That works well for me because with a manuscript I sound really stiff and unnatural. And I don’t even pretend it’s gonna be perfect or even godd. I just do it, and then I will get better with time.

    I totally agree with the notion that we fear money. One of my fears around it is that I won’t be able to handle everything with book-keeping and taxes. And also, that I’m not really worthy of the money… Like, why me?

    Thanks for a great post, and thanks for being open and vulnerable!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hey Katrin! The “why me?” should not become an issue as we progress and make a lot of efforts, time, and work in our tasks to get the success we deserved. In fact, we create our own success and we should be proud of it. Thank you for your advice about doing videos. Stay tuned, I’ll tell out loud when I’ll completed the first one!

  8. Denny Medeiros Avatar

    Really awesome reading! Fear is so huge and we all deal with it at some level. Since I started affiliate marketing I feel like I overcame several walls of fear, some I climbed over and others I smashed through like the Hulk. However, I have some to yet conquer. One being making videos of myself. I know I’ll crush and so will you! Look forward to your next posts!

  9. kae ward Avatar

    Spot on, I too get caught up in ‘is it realistic’, am I being silly or worse just clueless? I think in part is is the fear of success. To combat that feeling for myself, I am taking my success in the smallest of bites, like I watched one tutorial today and did the steps…major win, then on to the next. If it takes me a couple of tries, it is still a win. So far it is working! Looking forward to you next post.

  10. Alison Blaire Avatar

    Martin, thank you so much for sharing this. I fall into this trap, too, letting fear creep in and possibly leading to self-sabotage; it is hard to stay positive all the time and in a growth mindset. It is easy to fall into the negative spiral. Love your images, and thank you for the reminder that other people go through this too, we are all human, and it’s common to fear the unknown. I am glad you were able to overcome this; enjoy your vacation, and commit to taking whatever action is required to make your dreams come true!!!! To Your success!!!

  11. Ken McGarvey Avatar

    Great post! I think that when we started this journey our fear factor went through the roof as everything you learn is new and different. As time goes on and we learn more and more our fears become manageable not that we won’t ever fear again. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger we are all dealing with our own fears as well. Keep pushing for those goals!

  12. Ezequiel Wells Avatar

    Hello Martin, thank you for sharing your thoughts. My experience with making videos is quite different from what many others have commented. I have been creating videos every week for the past twelve months but in a different environment. When I think about creating videos for my blog, I feel overwhelmed. It shouldn’t be this way, but I believe my fear stems from not feeling knowledgeable enough to speak about something I am still learning.
    Looking forward to your next post

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Someone told me it’s just normal to feel overwhelmed the first times we do something new. Speaking about what you learn, actually helps to learn it better. Another someone told me that. Thank you Ezequiel.

  13. Nathan Avatar

    I must admit I don’t understand the fear of success, and I don’t really fear failure (because it’s not going to happen to me 🙂

    But I definitely understand the fear of what will other people think of me – it’s so much easier just to conform and do what people expect, what other people think is acceptable. I certainly don’t want people, especially my friends and family to think I’m dumb. That’s when you’ve got to back yourself, and that definitely takes

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Hi Nathan, we have to learn to stay ourselves whatever happens or what other people think. Let’s look forward to our success and show them what we’ve accomplished.
      Thank you for your comment.

  14. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    Fear of success and fear of failure are like evil twins. They have you in their grip. Fearing what others think is also a threat to personal growth and achievement.

    I like your transparency here. You are honest about the fear we all have, and you admit it. Good on you!

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you! I like your “evil twins”!
      Warm regards,

  15. Albert Avatar

    Hey Martin,

    Great post again! Yes, fear of my boss seeing my blog and reading the section of not working for a company ever again does make me fearful. Also fear that some of my family members finding out how much money I spend for a coaching program.
    Will I like it if they all find out before I become successful? It would probably be an awkward moment if they do.
    I guess my only solution to that is to actually become successful. There’s no turning back now.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      LOL. 😂Sorry if I’m laughing, but I’m just imagining your situation and compare it to mine. It makes me realized that, I mean, I have the same concerns. 😬

  16. Alan Lim Avatar

    I have learned about allocating say 5% to 10% of your income as “play money”, depending on your financial situation.

    Of course, the other 90% is distributed among tax, personal expense, investment, charity etc.

    That way, you can spent that “play money” without guilt. Maybe it is something you can consider.

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Like it! I will see if this can be accepted by the Council. 😁

  17. tony Avatar

    Yes…. fear, I certainly know that feeling. What surprises me most is how often my fears turn out to be totally unfounded! I guess I am just good at imagining the worst. Thanks for the post

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      We are good at this: imagining the worst, me the first! Is this the definition of anxiety? 😉
      Thank you Tony!

  18. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Martin, excellent post, you bring up so many valuable points. Firstly, I have subscribed to your newsletter. I’d like to follow your journey and I’ll let you know if I receive the emails and give you any feedback. Please feel free to follow my newsletter too. I’d like to mention one of the points you made around the fear of being on video. I also have this fear I am 52 years old. I’m a father of three I’ve never really appeared on social media. I have done a couple of speeches at weddings, and I do many many presentations at work , but that’s a limited audience. The thought of being in front of potentially the whole world is scary. Also there’s all these young kids doing amazing videos and content and how am I supposed to keep up with that. But the truth is we don’t need to keep up with them. They’re not doing what we’re doing. We’re just documenting our journey and as we found in our blogs people are interested in learning about each other and learning from each other. What you can do is make a video and just share it with a few of us that will give you some feedback on it or you can just take the plunge and publish it. What’s the worst that’s gonna happen you might get one or two comments . We can either ignore them or we can reply to them. It’s not really something we should be allowing us to dictate our future and our business model. Negativity will always be there in someway shape or form. You are doing absolutely amazing. Just keep going and watch what happens it’s gonna be good . Until next time thanks, Atif

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      Thank you very much Atif for all these kind words and advice. Of course I will get into making my firsts videos very soon. Fears won’t stop me 😁. I’m ready and the mindset is there. By the way, thank you very much for your subscription! Enjoy the gifts I gave you, hoping they will serve you well.
      Kind regards,

  19. Milissa Neirotti Avatar

    Hi Martin, I enjoyed your post. It surrounded me with a sense of familiarity about fear. Your descriptive flow of words seemed to echo in my thoughts as I continue on the path of affiliate marketing. I believe “courage” because some people get so stuck in the mindset of fear that it is a true battle to release themselves from its chain.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

      I’m glad you enjoyed this one. Exactly, it is a battle for success where your best ammunition is your mindset!
      Thank you for commenting.

  20. Tom Bledzki Avatar

    Thanks Martin.
    It was interesting reading about the fear of success. Haven’t really thought about that before. Would a big success mean I have to change where I live, what car I drive, and what friends I have?
    I know how you feel about your accent. I do not like mine either. Hence I am writing, or using AI voice to speak for me. It takes a lot of work though, than for someone who is just pressing start and doing live recording. I am not there yet.
    Talk soon.

  21. Jon Wesley Bowman Avatar
    Jon Wesley Bowman

    Hello Martin, Great story.
    As for me I am just keeping it to myself other than my wife. It seems like everyone I work with live in such a miserable world they like to keep anyone around them miserable as well. So instead of being ridiculed and laughed at or be told how I’ve wasted my time I’ll stay in a positive place and smile and wave bye on my way out lol.

  22. CJ Avatar


    I like how you made your post flow in story format. I thought I would share with you a statement a mentor of mine told me. Money is just a tool it is neither good nor bad, its neutral. Money only takes on the personality of the one who has it. The moral of this is money doesn’t change people it just brings out who they really are.

    All of us struggles with mindset but each day we need to feed our mind with positive things. The mind only outputs what we put in. So, if negative is inputed then negative will come out and vise versa.

    The question we need to ask is what are we feeding our minds?

    I empathize with you, It has take me many years to get my mind where it less negative. It is daily task but is worth the results.

    I need someone to help pick you up I’m just a message away.

  23. Sandy Avatar

    Hi Martin

    That was a great post. FEAR is so difficult to get through.
    I can’t wait to read your next post.
    Keep drawing us in.


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