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  • Overwhelmed? Work On What Really Counts

    Overwhelmed? Work On What Really Counts

    Did I say I feel overwhelmed? With the coming of the warm sunny days, I’m getting more and more involved in external activities I can’t really postpone like, preparing the pool, mowing the lawn and starting the vegetable garden. This is a huge time aside I have to take on the weekends, away from my…

  • Trust The Process

    Trust The Process

    Even if Spring season is officially there, Winter doesn’t seem to be willing to leave the place yet. As seen in my picture below, the pool is again getting under the snow. March is like that. Sometimes it makes us believe Spring is on the right track to win the race but Winter, with all…

  • Get Your Next TikTok Video Viral!

    Get Your Next TikTok Video Viral!

    There I am! This week I’m a little late producing this blog and I apologize. When temperature gets warmer and snow banks start to melt we start to see some parts of nature that are brought back to life. Along with that usually comes good feelings. The yellowish-green spots we see here and there remember…