A Healthy Ride to Wealth

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  • No Pain, No Gain!

    No Pain, No Gain!

    I started Affiliate Marketing not to get rich quick but to get rich forever. I started this blog to help others do the same. And here I am, trying to drive traffic and bringing leads to my mailing list via my newsletter. If one ask me what has been the most difficult and challenging part…

  • Will I Reach My Goal?

    Will I Reach My Goal?

    Imagine a river. You are on one side of the river and your goal, your dream life, is on the other side. At first you think you could get there on a single big jump step, but there’s a risk that you simply fall short in the river. So you look elsewhere trying to find…

  • How I Started Affiliate Marketing

    How I Started Affiliate Marketing

    Take a coffee, sit back, and read through as I tell you how I started in affiliate marketing. My experience online started in fact last year, in October, a week or two before Halloween. I read somewhere that it was possible to do money on the internet with something that we call “affiliate marketing”. Even…

  • A Millionaire in the Making

    A Millionaire in the Making

    Welcome everybody! This is my very first post officially as an affiliate marketer!🥳 On this wonderful day of summer, end of June 2023, I draw a line in the sand! 🤔Ok yeah…the cover photo was taken in winter but as I write these lines we are in June and sun is shinning!😄 With the objective…